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  1. Which Dock is Better?

    XWD all the way...
  2. Avedesk 1.4 Where Are Pidl Shortcuts?

    nope. there is nothing having to do with pidl anywhere
  3. Avedesk 1.4 Where Are Pidl Shortcuts?

    Come on, someone has to know what is going on. This is really stupid. Not everyone has XP. And yes, I did my research and found nothing. Im not the one being lazy... Do not bump or double post - mps69
  4. Avedesk 1.4 Where Are Pidl Shortcuts?

    Okay, I just downloaded avedesk 1.4 . I have Windows Vista, and the major reason I wanted Avedesk was for those Pidl shortcuts. I have tried redownloading this program various times, and can still find nothing having to do with the shortcuts. Is it a desklet I must download? Where?
  5. (testers Needed)

    Wow, this looks promising! Good job!
  6. '09 Desktops

    My desktop for March! Credits to the creator of this wallpaper... I absolutely love it!!!
  7. Help Center For V5.6

    Okay, I have tried disabling UAC, and I have tried a clean reinstall many times. It still shows this error upon startup. -Btw, I'm sorry for the double post. I am not deliberately doing that...
  8. Help This Poor Noob.

    How do I disable UAC? Do not double post - use the edit function - thanks mps69
  9. Help This Poor Noob.

    I don't know what happened to you post. :/ Anyways, basically what happens when I click the avedesk application, it doesn't start up or anything. Absolutely nothing happens.
  10. Help Center For V5.6

    Hello, Could someone please tell me how to disable UAC for X Windows Dock? This question is of course in regards with the pesky (infamous) error message I receive upon startup. -I know that trying a reinstall (in places other than Program Files) usually fixes this problem, but after many reinstalls, I am getting no where, I just want this to end so that this program runs smoothly. Thanks!
  11. Help Center For V5.6

    Thank you! That worked perfectly! Your right this should be in the F.A.Q.
  12. Help Center For V5.6

    I know what you are talking about, I navigated to a folder called program data which is usually not able to be viewed, and so on and so fourth, I was in the folder that contained all of the office programs (not shortcuts.) The weird part is that when I navigate to this folder when browsing on the dock, and then add one of the office programs, it still comes up as "wordicon" or whatever else it is called. BTW I am using Vista service pack one not that it helps...
  13. Help This Poor Noob.

    Well I tried downloading this, and when I clicked on Avedesk once everything was done, nothing happened. Im using Windows Vista, Service Pack 1, is this the cause?
  14. Help Center For V5.6

    Earlier I asked how to get usable Microsoft Office icons. I have tried everything I know, but it keeps coming as Wordicon or Powerpointicon... I saw something about browsing to the installation folder? If this is a good solution could someone please explain how i get to this folder??? Thanks By Panta: triple-post removed! Please use the edit button...
  15. Help Center For V5.6

    Ok thank you. Im sorry I must have missed this...