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  1. winamp skin request

    There are itunes skins on winamp site but they are all classic and I want modern skin.
  2. winamp skin request

    Hey guys Anyone has a itunes modern skin for winamp. Thanks in advance.
  3. I would also vote for the new version for flyakite. It has been a long time since release of ver.3.5
  4. Flyakite and LogonStudio

    Hey guys I am having problem while using logon studio with flyakite 3.5 I am not able to use custom logons created with logon studio, it gives me error like "parser runtime error line40" Please help.
  5. XP Leopard Logon

    Can anyone make a logon for me just like above but brushed metal theme for itunes theme that I am using. What I want is to change the logon box theme to brushed metal if possible. The background looks just great. I will be really thankful.
  6. XP Leopard Logon

    I loved this logon but will this work with flyakite osx transformation pack.
  7. FindeXer Help

    Hey guys I wanted to know how can I change the background colour of the findexer bar and how can I add file details option to the bar.
  8. Using themes with flyakite osx

    Hey guys! I have installed flyakite osx on my pc with win xp sp2. I just wanted to know that if I can use any other third party themes without any issues.
  9. AVG antivirus doesn't like flyakite, what to use instead?

    Hey u can use avast 4.8 free edition. It is a great anti-virus and easy on resources and have no problems with flyakite