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  1. My inattention, sorry. Thank you.
  2. I asked a question "Is there any plugins for DesktopX which able make desktop icons and folders and showing their size, quantity of files etc, like in MacOS like Avedesk for WIndows can do?" @ stardock forums but still havn't received any answer yet.
  3. Yeah, Avedesk was da best and if not its instability i would never ask. For DesktopX unfortunately i didn't found Avedesk-like plugin and ppl on Stardock's official forum don't know anything about it Ikonic for Yahoo isn't works properly for me. I contacted his author but has not received the answer yet. So, my search is still in progress..
  4. In samurize (its up @ picture) i can't get good looking shadow (as in AveDesk or Ikonic) under the text, only flat shadow. Thats why i uninstalled it before. Mb i missed any plugin for doing it?
  5. Yeah, in theory it can be done, but it requires a lot of hardwork for just adding an icon. Thats a hard way for me and its better for huge configs. Thats why i told that Samurize isn't a way for me. So maybe i just missed some widgets/plugins for example for DesktopX, and so it can be done easyer without 999 hours of doing it.
  6. I quess all there will agree with me that windows desktop icons (especially in WinXp) are crap and need to be replaced if we are speaking about beauty on desktop. So, Mac icons were ported to Windows and make such goodness available: All of you knows that app that can make it is Avedesk. But unfortunately, it is really buggy. My knowledge is good, im not a newb and i wasted 4 days playing around with it, so please no "ahh its running n1 for me so go away noob". I tryed 1.3, 1.4, 2.0b on my XPSp3 and all of it crashed sometimes @ logon/logoff (mb 1 time of 5, mb often) even with only desktop icons module enabled (PIDShortcut) and no Avescript. Unfortunately, AndreasV is leaved this beautyful project, so no chance for me So i need an alternative which can do that and be stable. Some googleing made me found only "IKon" for Y'Widgets but its unable even to show folder's size. I used Samurize for some month and i can bet for sure that it isn't suits for such purpose. Thx in advance.
  7. I even tryed beta 2.0 with pid shortcuts only (some folders and my comp/recycle)and with no avescripter. It crashes 1 of 5 times (when im logging on or logging off), but it still crashes. The same situation is with 1.3, it crashes like 2.0, mb slightly less or slightly more. Is it only me having such problems?
  8. Btw, do i need to add this to registry? And shat does that options do? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell ExtensionsApproved] "{6DD050D8-FBDF-4562-AB05-8BF879FAE89E}"="AveInst Extension" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell ExtensionsApproved] "{F756AF2A-EB0E-4D42-9495-B61BD6D99B82}"="AveDesk Preview Extension"Btw
  9. Yep, it was still crashing without any avescripter-enabled plugins. Firstly i dloaded avedesk 1.3 from an official site ( and it was constantly crashing for me, then i dloaded it from softpedia and it seemed to be ok. Mb im wrong about my conclusion, buy where is the best to get the stable 1.3 build? is dead now. And where is to get the lastest avescripter (i found avescripter update - do i need to instal it too after avescripter?). And do i need to do smth after unpacking and running Avedesk.exe besides deleting languages directory (i don't need it).
  10. evilmnky204 Didn't try it cuz im avoiding using betas cuz a lot of bugs. U mean that its quite more stable than 1.3/1.4? I used samurize before, but its unable to make such icons with text: I wanna to look on other prog that can do that, cuz it seems to me that i'll completely fail with Avedesk in my case.
  11. Hi there. A little introduction: I installed and used Avedesk 1.3 + avescripter (weather plugin only) and it was crashing in 1 of 3 cases after in 1-10 minutes after windows boot (it made desktop freeze and all desktop and avedesk items undragable till i kill it with taskman). Even after i turned off weather plugin i was still gettin' those problems. Later i found avescripter update on official site but now im always getting "Eng program - aveclosebutton" message @ windows shutdown. I tryed to use 1.4 and installed dx9 library but it loads corrupted widgets. For instance: 1 of 4 pidshortcuts in theme + without text, and tray icon became corupted. My h/w is: WinXPSp3En P4-3G(HT)/1Gb/Radeon9500. (I dunno wheter its a bug, so didn't post it to bugs thread). So now i have some questions for you guys. 1. Which build are you using 4 everyday and can recommend to me? 2. Am i right when installing avescripter and then update to it which i got from or will i need to get the newone elseware? (didn't find it in Avescripter section) 2. Is it always stable or sometimes you're still gettin' errors/freeze/no responce, etc.? 3. Which other progs can do mac-like desktop icons (with size/file quantity measure, etc.) like Avedesk? All advices, thoughts, etc. are welcome. Thx in advance.