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  1. Kapsules page

    Anybody notice that it's been almost two years and the Kapsules page is still gone?
  2. Nubs Usability Suggestions

    Add options for: -Hide window when a nub is clicked and the window was already activated. -Remove nub when a nub is clicked and the window is activated. -Dragging a nub off of the edge brings back the window, or even turns into the window being dragged by ur cursor. That would make it much more usable. As well, you're using the old font dialog that doesn't show all of the fonts on the PC..
  3. Mirror effect for docks

    Works beautifully... when Windowblinds is off. This is rather important to me, as is the mirror effect! I need them together. I beg you to fix that. As well, the zooming could probably be fixed by some mathishness if you ask the user to input how many icons are zoomed and to what pixel height, it would at least let you calculate an approximation. Perhaps if you made an accompanying docklet you could ask the dock for some info as to it's width? I'm unsure about this one. I know not everyone likes to do this, but if you open-source it this will thrive quite a bit, as it is an in-demand effect since it has been in Leopard. If you ever leave the project for good please remember to do this! Thanks for making this, I wanted my dock to do it beyond anything - now if it only worked with my other things Edit: I have a correction on the others' description of the windowblinds incompatibility issue. The dock doesn't show the window until you stop having the mouse held down to move it, yes - however, it also doesn't show the window controls and border, etc., just the contents. Everything handled by windowblinds is absent in the reflection.