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  1. Install problemo

    i tried to install an earlier version of avedesk, that one works fine to me (1.0)
  2. Install problemo

    what do you mean, "reinstall", i can't install avedesk, when i try to run the installer that screen appears
  3. Install problemo

    yup, i'm sure of that, i have ran some bat files in the past on this pc. maybe my videocard doesn't support avedesk? we're talking about the geforce 7600 gs. i have really no idea what to do bebause i couldn't find anyone with the same problem as this one.
  4. Install problemo

    can anyone help me? i have windows xp (SP2) i can play games like cod4 on my pc so i expected avedesk to run problemless on my pc. but if i start the avedesk.exe file this screen appears (als iemand nederlands kan praten is et ook goed) this screen also appears if i try to run the register.bat and the reg_shellext.bat i did everything what the readme file said, and what i found on the forum. can anyone help me?