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  1. Need a Chinese Translator

    so what?
  2. Are there chinese?

  3. Probably Japanese Font

    it close registration now,because the forum will be update
  4. Probably Japanese Font

    themex forum has a english version in the bottom,you can switch it
  5. Avedesk updated needed for vista

    the same problems happen to me
  6. Rainlender Skin

    go to da
  7. Does anyone have nexplorer skins?

    thanks. mate.
  8. Does anyone have nexplorer skins?

    anyone can help me?thanks
  9. i can not download all skins in the forum except the leopard theme. so anyone can share you skins for me? much thanks!
  10. How to center window title text?

    as far as i know ,it still a question ,nobody find it
  11. Shadow Glass for Objectdock plus

    oh this is awesome!
  12. Official "Hello I'm new to Aqua-Soft" Thread

    hello everyone