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  1. What the Heck is d3dx9.36.dll and why did i get that error? IF THE FIX DIDN'T WORK - Look at step #2 - You must not have DirectX installed This is the second post if you want to figure out why you weren't able {if you followed instructions above you should have no more errors} to install AveDesk and what the whole commotion was and basically WHY you had to install the missing .dll file Most Common Reason: {Newer Version of DirectX installed} to check 'start>run>dxdiag' ____________________________REASON 1_____________________________________ You have a better and newer version of DirectX (version 10) and the AveDesk requires to be pointed at a .dll (Dynamic Link Library File) that is outdated and doesn't exist on your computer. ____________________________REASON 2_____________________________________ YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE DIRECTX Installed. To check what version of DirectX you have: Start > Run > dxdiag If nothing opens then you dont have directx If it says you have any version less that 9 then download the newer DirectX (bottom link) and then restart and try again ____________________________REASON 3_____________________________________ Your computer is angry at you. Unplug it, light incense, pray for forgiveness DIrectX is required to play some Video and Audio files. Avedesk requires a version of DirectX to run. It does not check if you have a newer version but assumes you have DirectX9 installed and therefore when looking for the d3dx9_36.dll file if you have an updated version (as all Vista Ultimate machines do) it will be confused and believe you have no directx capability! By placing the .dll file in the avedesk folder it finds what it is looking for and then everything is savvy More info on DirectX and link to download DirectX 9.0 (free) http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/howtodirectx.html
  2. Instructions as to how to fix an error (d3dx9_36.dll not found) when you try to install AveDesk (1.3 or 1.4) on: Vista ULTIMATE OR whatever version of windows that gives you a D3DX9_36.DLL error when you try to run the installer Fix is quite easy! 1.) Download 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build from http://www.avedesk.org/desklets/engines/ 2) Unzip the folder to your "Desktop" (doesn't need to be on desktop but this is not your "C:Program Files" folder) 3) Open your "Desktop/AveDesk" folder and DELETE the entire folder called /"Languages 4) Click on this link --> http://w3.externet.hu/~lpoczkod/GSdx9v10-3.rar --> open it and drag the file d3dx9_36.dll to your "Desktop" (step#2) folder. 5) Right Click the AveDesk icon and "Run as Administrator" 6) Now everything should work as you want it to. IF THIS ALL SOUNDS LIKE TOO MUCH EFFORT (lazybones) or too confusing - I tried to upload my .ZIP file onto the board but it didn't work so I uploaded it to a free filehost (No waiting time required to download/no membership/no spyware/nothing to install on this website) http://www.2shared.com/file/3483076/576b07..._Dll_Fixed.html
  3. Trouble installing AveDesk1.3

    Re-Installing Will not help! You are using Vista Ultimate I presume? http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=49349 Go to this thread that I Just posted to show you how to fix your error. It shouldnt take more then 4 minutes to get AveDesk working on your system Best of luck and if it works feel free to answer the poll or bump the thread!
  4. AveDesk 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build

    http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=49349 My Thread as to Step by Step how to fix the "d3dx9_36.dll" error d3dx9_36 dll .dll error installing