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  1. Plz help.... pidlshortcut :(

    i am sorry.... i was jst desperate.. nxt time i'll keep that in mind... i am on vista
  2. Plz help.... pidlshortcut :(

    hi... there is this problem i am having wherein i cant display any stats in pidlshortcut icon.. it only works for my C drive .... and doesnt work for any of the other folder.. for my music folder i am using "%n file(s) - %s" label format.... but it shows "files- " on my desktop.... plz help i have tried uninstalling the app and downloaded the latest one frm but i cant get to make it work... also wen i try to link my computer icon... the program crashes.... one more thing... there is no my computer default icon option... only the recyle bin and a blank icon... plz help i have uploaded a screenshot also..