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  1. what ya want for 79 bucks you are right tho it mostly does for me.. where I want it pro is music sequencing so I use PT.. still I couldnt imagine my Mac without iLife it just works so well with OSX.
  2. The Mighty Mouse

    was gonna buy one to finally replace my Apple one-button mouse but I just noticed all photos show a wire its not wireless
  3. The Mighty Mouse

    Apple has a NEW MOUSE! from "Meet the mouse that reinvented the wheel. The scroll wheel, that is. At $49, Mighty Mouse features the revolutionary Scroll Ball that lets you move anywhere inside a document, without lifting a finger. And with touch-sensitive technology concealed under the seamless top shell, you get the programability of a four-button mouse in a single-button design. Click, roll, squeeze and scroll. This mouse just aced the maze."
  4. save your money?? Reason costs 6 times the price of the whole iLife suite
  5. all what you just stated is personal taste and could easily be said by someone about Mac's
  6. you should try Spymac the place is absolutley full of fanboys... they are so pathetic... didnt stop me gettin my Mac tho
  7. August Desktops

    Photosynthesis WS -
  8. August Desktops

    Click for deviantART
  9. OS X 10.4.1 for Intel hits piracy sites

    I dont want to get my hands on this I have a G5 why would I want a illegal developer release? People say theres is more than one release that may be if it was retail but its not were talking about major developers this will be kept on a tight leash from Apple. Everyone seems to of uproared for one thing, you all want this. If you wanna justify stealing then thats your call.
  10. OS X 10.4.1 for Intel hits piracy sites

    well first of all the video posted earlier is VNC the maker of the video is a Spymac member and second of all the torrent is a fake several very reliable sources have reported the thing is nothing but porn. The file size is far wrong anyway. Regardless of what it is anyone downloading this is scum IMO not to mention an idiot... why d/l an OS that you wont get any support or updates for?
  11. Apple CPU Petition. SIGN IT !!!

    Well to be fair its not actually emulation. Its code manipulation to make it run natively with rosetta in the bg. Thats the point if it was emulation it would be like running it in VPC. That is why its AMAZING that it booted up so fast yes there is slight lag from rosetta but not much. The fact is its fast shockingly fast, thats why it got applause from a room full of developers who know what they're looking at. The fact is no-one knows what that photoshop was running and no-one can compare it to any system on the market today its all designed for systems we will see in 12 months.
  12. Apple CPU Petition. SIGN IT !!!

    What the hell is your problem with Intel? This is the greatest move Apple can make... Im puchasing whatever comes first out of the PowerMac or PowerBook and I cant wait to get my hands on it to see what it can do. Apple had no other choice the future of PPC is pretty much non-existant, you say your a fan of Apple so why do you want them to stick with old architecture and put themselves out of business?
  13. Apple CPU Petition. SIGN IT !!!

    So you say you have photoshop aswell. Do you have a full retail version of CS2 like Steve loaded? and you know the exact list of plug-ins hes got to load? What he loaded was the PPC version on an Intel its not going to be 100% thats the point he was showing it works and in more than adequate speed. When the Intel machines are released Adobe will have their full line of products all optimised for OS X Intel you cant compare your system with the Keynote system.
  14. Apple CPU Petition. SIGN IT !!!

    First of Apple dont make the PowerPC IBM do and I wouldnt be surprised if the Pentium was already faster than the G5 it certainly will be come next year. Its got tons of the latest technology that IBM just arnt developing. The fact is humans dont like change and yes I heard this all started because someone thought they saw '4 Pentium's' instead of 'Pentium 4' but the skeptics are out calculating the speed at which the processes completed which started the rumours which have all been removed because Steve showed its not true.
  15. Apple CPU Petition. SIGN IT !!!

    OMG dont tell me you fell for that... The Pentium 4 dosnt support dual,triple or quad its impossible to run more than 1 Pentium 4 in the same machine only Xeons dual-up and even still dualing dosnt double the speed. Can you imagine the bottleneck on that? Steve showed the profiler aswell as the ATM which stated a single P4HT @ 3.6GHz the only way is if it was a 'EE series Dual Core' which would give the impression of 4 but is still only one. Besides all other keynotes are run on a maxxed out G5 that costs thousands not a Mac mini. The fact is the Pentium is faster than ever and in a years time will have no problem in wiping the floor with the G5 when they're rolled out.