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  1. [help] ibook g4

    the iBook will not help you to much for graphic design You may consider have the combo iMac 17+iBook12 since it will cost you around the same as a Macbook pro. Sites like amazon offers ibooks way to cheap than apple store.
  2. little late here but i gotta say: this is quality work my friends kzzu, you'r awsome!
  3. The "Screw up the wish!" Game

    POOF! Finally, your 6 year old niece come to your help and plug things properly, then your speaker works, but it sounds like 5 cents crap, so you got humiliated and robbed. I wish I had some good whisky right now!
  4. Can't be done my friend
  5. Do you celebrate Christmas?

    I'm Atheist while my family is catholic, I really don't care about the religious part of Chirstmas, although like Seph said, Christmas for me is more about humanity and care for other people. BTW: does nobody celebrate Festivus ?
  6. KoL's Vista Theme Stop by M$

    look kid, at this point everybody knows you have it, you've been spreading the voice all around. If you are incapable to have some respect of kol's decision at least have the decency to shut your mouth in public places like this, where everybody cares about kol's work.
  7. [RELEASE] Niqu 1.0 VS

    nice to read this things first time in the morning. Thank you very much, this is a precious piece of work.
  8. Except, you know, the guy is making money with ads
  9. be carefull whit collateral effects
  10. [WIP] Eternal for OB

    seems like nobody saw that eternal port you'r talkin about, Astyanax.
  11. not sure, but i think you can change that in tab-preferenceces-appearence-tab-misc-advanced. you guys, Does tabmix support rightsided closebuttons?
  12. [release] Pulsar for WindowBlinds5

    I like it, I like it very much. thanks
  13. Sorry, kind of busy today, updated link philou, thanks man.
  14. ohh c%@p!, my spymac hosting is down too, someone can host this thing?
  15. Link fixed, I'v changed my first post a bit to make the things clear. PS: You guys need to set up: - Tab Preferences-Appearance-Tab-Advanced-check "Built in" - Tab Prefecences-Misc-check"Use another appearance for firefox on Mac Os X" Thats it