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  1. Xwdock - Help & Support

    Hello everyone! I just can't decide which dock I'll finally use. I'm currently indecisive between XWindowsDock 2.0, XWindowsDock 5.6 and Nexus Dock. The thing I'm missing in XWindowsDock 2, is the ability to at least minimize to the dock? The features of 2.02 on the homepage don't apply on mine either: there are no bouncing icons when I press on one or when Skype gets a message. XWindowsDock 5.6 has more function to me, but I have the same 'problem' with the fact that there's almost no way to get Skype or WLM notifications to bounce in the dock. That leaves me with Nexus Dock: there I have the taskbar available in the dock... but it isn't as beautiful as XW5.6 and doesn't include minimizing with the Genie-effect. Can anyone help me with the XW 2.0 part? Thanks xfifteen
  2. Help Center For V5.6

    Hi! I'm on Windows 7, using XWindowsdock 5.6 (not 2.0 yet due to its current lack of some -favourite-functions). I've got no problem with the dock, except an error message which I can ignore. The real "problem" is that I can't minimize to the dock... And yes, I crossed it out in the options section. Is this typical for Win7 or am I the only one with the problem? Thanks! xfifteen
  3. GDI++ , font smoothing...

    Your English is fine There is an premade config somewhere here on this forum...
  4. Safari 4 Is Out

    Lol thanks for taking a piece of my screenshot That tab bar on top was in the Safari 4 beta, but has been removed in the real release. Apple said it's still the same system (if one tab crashes, you can still open the others), but it's back "like before" and doesn't longer look like Google Chrome anymore. Greetings xfifteen
  5. Safari 3.2.3 In Other Languages?

    Hello! Try copying the language files in your Safari folder. Go to: C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources\es.lproj Copy all the files Paste them (and replace the existing files) here: C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources\en.lproj Tell me if it works:) I used to do this before to get the Norwegian Safari to work on my Dutch Windows. Greetings xfifteen
  6. GDI++ , font smoothing...

    To all Windows 7 users: disable GDI++ when using Safari 4, otherwise you'll notice that some letters just disappear or that some sites just look ugly You can adjust the font smoothing in the browser itself (in the options menu: choose MEDIUM). Greetings!
  7. Converting Vista To Mac

    I made a video of my desktop: it's Vista that I made look like Leopard... Got already some positive comments. The software and skins I used are in the description. http://xfifteen.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-may-desktop.html
  8. Free Desktop Space

    This normally already exists.. although I forgot which app it was...
  9. Which Anti-virus Do You Use ?

    I'm using Antvir... Quite contented with it!
  10. Nimi Adds Various Animation Effects To Windows

    This really looks interesting! Lol the wobbly effect is funny Personally, I won't use it all the time, but I'll still play with it a bit later ^^
  11. Task List Docklet

    It's working fine here (Windows Vista) just a bit slow
  12. Converting Vista To Mac

    Ooh, in basic mode it could look nice indeed. I really don't like the Aero-look. (But I like to keep aero on, so I can customize other menus - and I like the window-appearing-effect ) And you're right about Office 2007; I just use alt+F4 to close or use the long button on the top-right to hide it. This is how my Firefox and Explorer look like: Greetings
  13. Converting Vista To Mac

    Yup, that's a very good list. I'm using most of it too, except for the visual style. I haven't found a realistic good VS yet for Vista. The best way to get your windows look like Mac, is by purchasing WindowBlinds (by Stardock).
  14. Min/max/...

    Idd, leftsider is a good solution. Bizzit, which theme are you using? (and is it XP?) Thanks
  15. Safari 4 Is Out

    Maybe try uninstalling Safari 3 first, or install it on another partition?