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  1. PidlShortcut

    Thanks! Well it kind of works now. I actually had to go to Appearence>Style>Always on Top so I could see them.
  2. PidlShortcut

    Thanks for the fast reply. I tried running it as admin. It now displays the PidlShortcut in the "Desklets Control Panel", but it still doesn't appear. I didn't close the dictionary this time and it's working fine. But now when I click on the upper left corner of the screen, there's an error message saying: "Directory. You have tried to access a Token that does not exist." Any suggestions?
  3. PidlShortcut

    Hi I'm using Windows Vista Business and I tried to create a PidlShortcut on my desktop, but it just won't work. When I first ran AveDesk, there was a dictionary but I don't want it so I clicked it away. When I open the "Desklets Control Panel", it displays the following: - PidlShortcut (RecycleBin) - PidlShortcut (AveDesk Tutorial) - PidlShortcut (Computer) But whatever settings I use and whatever of these three options I click on, nothing happens. My desktop stays blank. What am I missing?