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  1. This is really a great program I would say the best widgets (and the most essential) are these: 1. Weather 2. RSS Updates 3. Battery Monitor 4. etc. It may take a while for the development (Since it's a side project and no one's helping him), so we would have to wait. I will start to try making some widgets on my own after my exams though. Nevertheless it's still a great application and very promising
  2. OSX Volume Indicator

    Hmm.......I tried it, but when I increase/decrease volume, nothing happens.
  3. Weather Problem

    Hi, Just started using AveDesk so forgive me if I'm too noob for the standards here. I was trying to use the weather desklet (Both the aero one and the normal one) which incorporates "The Weather Channel". I tried putting an International Country such as Singapore and I couldn't make it work. It's very puzzling especially since the official website of the weather channel does include Singapore as part of its weather showcases. Any ideas?