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  1. [release] Itunes For Foobar2000

    Hey Guys, this is such a terrific release!!! The only problem I have is that the header for the program is reading Foobar2000, and in the screenshots you posted I saw you had it reading 'iTunes' How can I achieve this?
  2. Mac Finder Navigation Toolbar for Windows

    wow, great app! Has anyone succeeded in getting this to work efficiently on Vista 32 bit?
  3. Styler Equivalent For Vista

    In my hunt for perfect leopard emulation on Windows Vista, the most frustrating thing is when scrolling around in windows explorer, the header is the ugly original vista one. The sidebar looks lovely (I'm using FindeXer), but the top of the menu is just annoying! I remember on XP there was something called Styler which gave you a leopard top part to your explorer shell, but as far as I am aware, it is not Vista that correct? If so, are there any plans to release a vista compatible version? Are there any other vista alternatives to the styler bar?
  4. Safari Min/Max

    Does anyone one have another link for this terrific little app? I repeatedly get a 404 error message when clicking the download link.
  5. System Preferences

    Currently getting little joy with that idea. It might just be that I'm using a poor icon set. Does anyone have a link to a good one to use? At the moment, the icons are still becoming very fuzzy when at the size that the stack displays them.
  6. System Preferences

    Thankyou very much, that is exactly what I was looking for. In case anybody else is wondering I am on Vista, and am running Tiger Preferences v2 fine. Instead of starting another thread, I may aswell ask another question which I have struggled to find an answer to through the forums. I am using RK launcher, and as everyone knows, they utilise beautiful reflective icons. When using a stack however, the icons which come out of the stack are very fuzzy. I am simply linking the stack to a folder on my computer containing the Microsoft Office applications. Lookingn around the forum, I see that many of the screenshots have crystal clear icons coming from the stacks aswell. How can I achieve this? Thankyou
  7. System Preferences

    Hi there everyone. I am currently trying to get the best emulation of OS X as I can on Vista. Looking through the forums here, I stumbled across the skonner thread. I am unable to post a picture, but it displayed the system preferences window open, and it was almost identical layout to the real OS X one. I'm wondering how the system preferences window was achieved? Is it a seperate program running? How can I achieve the same system preferences window? Any help would be much appreciated.