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  1. Widgets from Widgipedia

    I've downloaded widgets from Widgipedia that are Avedesk compatible. What do I have to do to install them ?? Thanks.
  2. Sorry but I'm stumped.....

    Thanks chaps. Got it sorted. Most of the desklets require 'avescripter' which is another desklet. This however is not mentioned anywhere - so it's somewhat confusing.
  3. Sorry but I'm stumped.....

    Have just installed AveDesk 1.3 on Windows XP. I can only run the pre-installed desklets. When I download others the system doesn't know how to open them with "Avedesk.AveInstallFile" and what are you suppose to do with the downloads that are in 'zip' format ?? There is no "Help" with in the downloaded product. I'm bemused !!