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  1. My New Blog

    Hey There all you people, just wanna introduce my new blog gathering Mac customization, apps, news, osx apps and more : /> See you there !
  2. Make Flashget and Objectbar friends

    i have the same problem too but no solutions... solved yours?
  3. Rounded Icon Labels?

    Is There a Software or tool that converts icon labels to rounded corner icon labels like osx? if not, i'm requesting
  4. Allsnap And Visual Styles Problem

    Hi There, I am using ths soft called AllSnap for a long time, that makes all the windows snap to each other or to the edges... I have no problem when i am using LunaVX visual style, the widnows snap perfectly... But when i install any other visual style like LeopardXP or TigerVS or something like that, the new themed windows wont snap correctly... (the windows snap, but there are gaps between the window and the snapped side ) i try to use the setting included in the app, to trim windows by 5 or 10 pixels, but it does not help either... any suggestions? (another problem : when i installed the flyakite package on my laptop, allsnap worked perfectly with the TigerVs included in the package... why?)