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  1. It's a very good theme, the only thing that I saw was that the red, yellow and green buttons are switched, but again, It's wonderfull . I hate programmes like windowblinds 'cause they have all that sh*t and stuff. Very Nice work !!
  2. Kabal's Finder Bar

    Sorry, but the program doesn't work for me, I installed the prog with the installer, than I double clicked the reg file, restarted my pc but notting works
  3. AveDesk 1.3

    I have a question sir, does someone have a link to searchbar for avedesk? I can't find it
  4. Searchbar desklet

    Hello, I am desperatly searching for SearchBar desklet for avedesk, I have found it, but the link is dead. Does someone knows how to get it? thnx FYI - In the future wait a little more than ten minutes for an answer. Also, please check out the forum guidelines. - SirSmiley