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  1. Vista Transitions for Itunes

    at one point when i got the computer i did turn them off and it made the computer a little slower i dont know how but it did and they did make it look much more nicer so i thought i should keep it and keep the computer the way it was but thanks anyway
  2. Vista Transitions for Itunes

    I have a vista running computer with itunes and everytime i open itunes it just pops up unlike other programs that use the fade in and out transitions when opening. How can i get this for itunes?
  3. New Mac Reflective Icons

    I know i have this problem everytime i make an icon. Whenever i use the gradient tool it doesnt give me a nice fade all it does is make it less visible
  4. New Mac Reflective Icons

    The two sets are seperated. The 1st set is on the left of the seperator and the 2ns is on the right
  5. New Mac Reflective Icons

    O yea of course sorry
  6. New Mac Reflective Icons

    My newest creation. Been working in Photoshop a lot and learned how to make good reflectived mac icons that are pushed back on the dock. Set #1- Set #2- Enjoy. If you want me to make a 3rd and 4th set, send me a copy of a 512x512 icon (Just post it and ill take care of rest) and ill make it and post it in a set.
  7. Cool Vista Wallpaper

    Here is what my desktop looks like as of April 28th with this combination
  8. Cool Vista Wallpaper

    I found this on the internet and thought its was petty cool. Goes great with vista look, trillian with black vista skin, and rainlendar w/ smoked lucid theme.
  9. I have been using trillian a lot and i really want to make my own skin, i was wondering if some can give me a quick brief explanation or a link please help me with this. If it comes out a well as i want it to i will post on deviantart for download.
  10. Post Your Workstation

    I wish i had such a neat setupmy computer desk is barely able to hold my monitor. I have from left side to right Phone Pencil/Pen jar Left Speaker 19" Monitor Right Speaker 320 gb Ex Hardrive Lamp iBlaster Orb
  11. AVEdesk like Dashboard

    nvm thanks for the help. Theres some bugs 4 me to work out but ill handle it.
  12. AVEdesk like Dashboard

    how do u make a .vbs file?
  13. Does anyone know anything that can make my windows iTunes more like mac itunes without multi-plugin (which crashes my itunes everytime i use it)
  14. AVEdesk like Dashboard

    Can someone help me. How can I make the Avedesk showcase open what I click on a an icon in my objectdock just like dashbaord does