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  1. itunes for movies

    i am looking for a windows app that will let me organize my divx/avi ,movie collectio, such as itunes would with mp3. i am trying to keep divx format and not convert.
  2. Special Release: iTunes + Multi-Plugin

    With the ever growing method of torrenting, my movie collection has increased immensley, were talking over 150 movies. i am looking for software that will let me organize my movies and shows, such as i tunes does with mp3. do not say to just convert vids from divx to itunes formant because itunes format is huge and i wont be able to have as many movies, please help me find this software
  3. Stacks Docklet

    ok ok, so u have managed to copy Apple's technology pretty well, now do u think you can improve, for example makings stacks inside stacks fanniong out to the left or right, or customizing icons