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  1. iTunes characters jumbled

    that happened to me when i accidentally replaced lucida grande with a different lucida grande (one i downloaded from the internet).
  2. ummm ... leaving on jan 10th to study abroad for four or five months in firenze .... does that count?
  3. [help] iTunes album art widget

    Thanks for all the replies, guys - much appreciated.
  4. So my computer decided to up and die on me the other day - right in the middle of finals. Inconvenient as it was, I finally have an excuse to make the big switch! Just ordered myself a powerbook a few days ago ... ... and now I'm utterly lost. I've been customizing windows for so long I'd say I'm an expert. But I have NO idea about customizing OSX. I mean, I know the basics - and by "basics" I mean "shapeshifter," but other than that I'm clueless. I'm particularly interested to find out what Mac users use instead of Avetunes widgets. Are there Konfabulator iTunes widgets that are as clean and unobtrusive and intuitive as some of the Avetunes skins out there? Like the ones that show album art in a small border, with text for track title, artist, album, and rating? Could someone point me in the direction of said widgets? And if it's not Konfab, could someone point me in the direction of whatever program is used instead? I'd also be forever indebted to people who linked to software that is really popular amongst Mac customizers ... (I have seen the thread about favorite mac apps, which has been helpful already). Thanks a bunch in advance, and happy holidays to all.
  5. Ahhhh this sounds awesome! Thanks.
  6. [Req] Some Good Patterns

    What NC said. It's the best!
  7. [Help] Left Sided Glyphs

    Apparently you didn't look hard enough:
  8. December '05 Screenshots

  9. Vector (or non-vector) Snowboard/Ski walls

    i was going to point you in the direction of millenium's awesome walls too, but here're two photos i found:
  10. December '05 Screenshots

    preview border is already released at his site, under "goodies"
  11. [REL] Niqu for clist modern

    okay ... but does that mean they're included with the niqu guikit?
  12. [REL] Niqu for clist modern

    Could somebody point me in the direction of those status icons (in the original post) for a MAC? Thanks!
  13. [release] Pulsar for WindowBlinds5

    Thank you Rainbow, for this release. But why is everybody going crazy over this? Wasn't a guikit released for windows already? <-- There it is, 4 different substyles: Red; Silver Green, Silver Blue & Silver Red, along with 4 matching objectbar skins, styler toolbars, wallpapers, and even miranda clists. Not that I'm against multiple people releasing the same themes - they challenge one another, and often one is better than the other, so again, I repeat - thank you Rainbow for releasing this. I'm just surprised nobody knew about Hustler2K's prior release.
  14. December '05 Screenshots

    Wrong! Keep making XP look like OSX, and now try to make OSX look like XP.
  15. Transparent Screens

    heh if you guys think just a still picture is cool, take a look at this: