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  1. Cool Firefox Theme

    thank you
  2. Don't Smoke Kids.

    creepy video eww anyway...smoking is REALLY bad 4 u....my grandma grandpa uncle and my aunt died from lung cancer... trust me...i will NEVER start it IS bad
  3. iWork programs

    yeah...that would be my guess :|
  4. Fire Dragon

    Nice better then my dark dragon wallpaper
  5. Reshacking Boinc client tray icon...

    no prob...im just here to help
  6. Galaxy Linux Alpha 1 Release (Phoenix Galaxy)

    its just like Ubuntu only a little different
  7. Locked Leopard Dock

  8. Galaxy Linux Alpha 1 Release (Phoenix Galaxy)

    Nice sign me up for testing
  9. Sun Microsystems: Java for iPhone coming?

  10. Forest - Vector Effect

    That is alot of galaxy GUI's lol
  11. iPhoto Replacement

    I agree that would be much better
  12. Internet Explorer 8 Beta

    Firefox is and always will be the best web browser