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  1. AveDesk 2?

    Ah, there is a 1.4 release. I'm not sure that will fix my bug, but it has fixed a few other things:)
  2. AveDesk 2?

    When will AveDesk 2 be release? It looks like it has been in beta for two years. I appreciate the fact that it is a project, and people are busy, but is it still being worked on? I think it's brilliant. I've never used it before, and I'm currently installing some drive icons on the top-right of my screen;) I have a problem, however... I CANNOT get the damned things to display the following: "134 Files in 5 Folders" I am shown only "3 Files in Folders" I am using %143 as it describes in the sublabel dialog window. However, if I change the last digit(%14x) to another number, that appears instead of the three. I mean, %146 gives "6 Files in...". Clearly, it isn't working properly. I am running Vista but honestly, Vista has been out for ages now! Surely somebody has figured out what is wrong already? I apologise if I have came across aggressive in any way - I am just sick of seeing good projects slip away for no good reason. RK Launcher is brilliant too, but the thing is so very dead at the moment.
  3. Stacks Docklet

    Hey, I just had to comment on this again. You've did a brilliant job so far. I'm currently using ObjectDock, and I notice the following problem(s). - I cannot drag/drop shortcuts into a stack. This is a functionality of the proper leopard dock, and I could have sworn it used to work when I had RK Launcher. - I CANNOT have more than one stack docklet running in the same dock, without the 'zoom' sticking. What I mean is, the stack icon naturally zooms as I highlight it. If there are two stacks, it will not return to normal, and I have to restart ObjectDock to get the functionality back. It is NOT frozen - the docklets all work - they just don't zoom as I slide the mouse cursor past them. This happens with 'Follow the dock' on and off. I also have a few suggestions, but I understand if they deviate from your original intentions. - Highlight icon on mouseover. I don't notice this on any proper leopard videos(on youtube), but it would be excellent to get visual feedback. - Sort by modified date is the wrong direction. Judging by the official leopard demonstration video, the guy had a 'Download folder' stack, and the newly download stuff seemed to appear at the TOP of the stack, and not the bottom. No big deal, but if you want consistency, there is something to look into. - The functionality of the stacks is not quite comfortable for me. I know that's pretty vague, but I suspect it is due to the lack of highlighting on mouseover, and broken drag/drop support in ObjectDock. I hope that is helpful in some way. I appreciate your efforts so far. I'm using it for a download folder, and photos at the moment:)
  4. Wow, I hope it works as good as dreamscene is alleged to:) Why can't you post a screenshot here?
  5. Stacks Docklet

    Wow, your desktop is pretty:) Nice and simple. I love this docklet. My only suggestion is that it would benefit from: -Hiding the dock icon's title after you click it - currently, it overlaps with the stack. -Provide mouseover response. It would just feel more natural, in my opinion. To elaborate on the last suggestion, I am referring to a possible highlight effect on the filenames in the stack. Again, absolutely excellent work. Well done!