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  1. Well the title says it all Anywho, does anyone know where I can find a safe and simple program to get the Vista's addon on a XP I would highly appreciate your help
  2. Which Software is better

    I'm looking for a software that can increase/decrease the volume in a "cool-looking" form and as I was searching through these posts I came across these 2 programs 3rvx 2.0 AND Mac Gadget 2.0 so I'm wondering which one is the most popular and productive one in a non-hoggin' way I would highly appreciate your help P.S. I can't post the links for each program though they are located in "Application Release" section
  3. DiscMounter 0.1

    This is what I did: 1. Downloaded the software from here 2. opened the DiscMount.exe 3. turned off the computer 4. turned on the computer 5. a error message appeared stating that there a problem with DiskMount 6. Closed Diskmount 7. tried to "re-install it" 8. the program ceased to work after I clicked it 9. a error message appeared which closed the program automatically 10. deleted Diskmount and came here for help
  4. DiscMounter 0.1

    When I first downloaded this I was happy for the few minutes then I turned my PC off then I turned on later on in the day to find that there seemed to be a problem with Frameworks and every time I tried to re-install it I got an error that denied the installation, will this have an optimistic solution?
  5. Helpful Docklets and....

    Does any one know if there are docklets for: iTunes-So that I can see what song is being played WiFi-To see to where and how strong my connection is Sound-Raise and lower the volume For Rocketdock, and also I would highly appreciate a docklet that doesn't require an extra program other than Rocketdock to use i.