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  1. Standalone Stack 2

    1. thank you for this wonderful update!!! 2. I'm still getting the "the parameter is incorrect error" on specific icons 3. also not all icons highlight when i hover over them even tho i can still successfully click on them. I have XP SP3
  2. Standalone Stack 2

    u are a god!
  3. Standalone Stack 2

    can you PLEASE implement the option to distance the grid from your mouse location by a set amount? My grid still opens almost directly behind my mouse cursor.
  4. Standalone Stack 2

    i can't wait to get home and try this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Standalone Stack 2

    you've done it you magnificent bastard!! i can finally use this excellent tool! what about the option to close the stack upon the left mouse button being pressed a second time since you can use ctrl+left click to browse folders? or am i being greedy? PS: the delete stack function does not simply closes standalonestack.exe PPS: Also, when the stack opens it opens ON TOP of the shortcut so i can't double click it again. Basically the distance from the shortcut to the stack needs to be greater.
  6. Standalone Stack 2

    any idea what could be causing this problem?
  7. Standalone Stack 2

    Thank you for your response ChristianS. I have standalonestack extracted to the C:\ as you showed. If i hit enter to execute the shortcut it still closes immediately. It's as if the stack is fighting with another window that is trying to always be on top. That is why i asked if you could make an option to force it to stay open. I use WinXP SP3. edit: also, it stays in memory after i execute the shortcut. Shouldn't it stop running once the stack goes away?
  8. Standalone Stack 2

    can anyone help me? i'm dying to use this
  9. Standalone Stack 2

    I guess i wasn't clear, the popup closes IMMEDIATELY leaving no time to even click on an icon. It won't stay open at all.
  10. Standalone Stack 2

    i am in love with you! edit: arg!! it wont stay open? this is the same problem i had with standalone stack 1 is there anyway you can make it so that you have to click on teh desktop in order for the popup to close?
  11. Defocus...

    this is great, EVEN with the incompatibilities, except for the massive cpu hit. Is there any way you could further optimize the code?
  12. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Matonga, sorry to be pesty, but any idea when we are goign to get a stand alone version of this? I'm DYING to use it!
  13. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Thank you thank you for keeping chrisnsoft in the loop so that we can get a stand alone version of this TRULY GREAT APP!!!! You are very talented!
  14. Stacks Docklet 2.0

    Could someone PLEAAASSEEE make a standalone version of this as standalonestack continues to be buggy for me.
  15. ShowDesktop

    1. i LOVE this app! 2. i would use this app daily if you could somehow reduce the memory footprint? Is that possible?