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  1. Problem with Firefox theme and GDI++

    -- double, deleted --
  2. Problem with Firefox theme and GDI++

    ^^nope, i dont have a problem like that my gdi++.dll version is 8.0.2007.927 (with GDI tray) and my setting is: [General] HookChildProcesses=1 HintingMode=1 AntiAliasMode=1 MaxHeight=0 FontLoader=1 GammaMode=0 GammaValue=2 Contrast=1 RenderWeight=1.1 NormalWeight=2 BoldWeight=0 ItalicSlant=1 LcdFilter=0 LoadOnDemand=1 CacheMaxFaces=32 CacheMaxSizes=32 CacheMaxBytes=4194304 BolderMode=0 TextTuning=0 [Individual] [Exclude] [ExcludeModule] [GdiTray] MultiINISelector=0 RedrawDelay=50 CoolMenu=1 i just dont satisfied with my current settings and i got no problem when replacing mine with yours i'd like to know what version did u have and where did u get it thanks
  3. Problem with Firefox theme and GDI++

    @puner, can i have u'r GDI++ setting please ??
  4. [release] Ishut 2.1

    please post working DL link
  5. can i have same folder background for all folder ? without adding desktop.ini to all folder of course
  6. afaik, thats explorer.exe icon
  7. Styler Toolbar reg file

    I was searching searching searching and searching 4 this this case has been discussed by many forums but none works thanks man, this really awesome 0_o