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  1. AveDesk 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build

    doesn't work for business....same dll error.... languages folder removed....and of course dx10 installed...its vista any ideas?
  2. June '07 Desktops

    my new one click it!
  3. AveScripter feature request thread

    twitter for avedesk??? like twitteriffic?
  4. May '07 Desktops

    last one for may ~ clean version only ~
  5. May '07 Desktops

    too lazy on this sunny day to make an preview.... so here it is... desk for may 1st clickie
  6. March '07 Desktops

    my march desk! hf
  7. AveScripter feature request thread

    is it possible to implement this?
  8. February '07 Desktops

    a dream in blue dirty only
  9. i had this one for quite some time now, so i think its time to release. Luna Element 5 Black Version for Sony Ericsson k800i (and familiar i think) permission granted from em3, the original author of Luna Element Visual Styles. ....i wont do any mods for other mobiles or do an blue version...simple cause lack of time, sorry for that. so everybody....have fun with it... PREVIEW && DOWNLOAD
  10. [rel] D-Weather Widget

    yup looks like....but i dunno how to integrate this into avescripter
  11. [rel] D-Weather Widget

    hm....doesn't look like accuweather offers XML pages for its weather forecasts... did apple managed it to get things working on dashboard??? .... i mean...its basicly the same technology behind, isnt it?
  12. [rel] D-Weather Widget

    i have to ask that. is it possible to change the site the weather is taken from? the thing is that...there are quite some german weather stations which are not listed in but they are listed on thats the weather site, apple takes the information from for dashboard weather... could somebody modify the weather widgets for avedesk, so that they'll work with accuweather?? i dont have the knowledge to it could be integrated in avedesk 2.0 final or something like that... would be great! greetz
  13. January '07 Desktops

    new desk....after finishing my diploma!!! volvo for life very clean....
  14. December '06 Desktops

    last one for 2006, so have a look clickie
  15. November '06 Desktops

    its been a while.... clean deepbluesomething