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  1. Linking Desklet

    When I try and link a desklet to E:/movies or E:/TV, the label format in desklet properties won't allow me to use the basic folder options (like %t for total, or %f for free). It only allows me to use the % commands that link to specific files. Is there any way to change that? Also, I remember a long time ago being able to do a % command that gave total number of items in the folder....can't seem to find it either... Thanks for any advice in advance!
  2. Dvd Case Gallery

    I already have 100’s of dvd cases that a guy posted on devianta rt, I just want to find out how to change the spacing, change the background, resize the icons and generally make it look nicer. Any tips greg would be awesome basically I want your folder
  3. Dvd Case Gallery

    Hello, looking to figure out how to create the gallerys of DVD cases? And so that the icons have the best resolution (how to change size, spacing, etc.)I have attached some links to screentshots of what I am hoping to get, or atleast something similar. Any information would be helpful! I tried to do this and the .ico files came out VERY grainy at the 128px size. If anyone has any cool examples with some hints on how to do it would be appreciated! Thanks again! gc
  4. NHL Game Score

    Hi, Just checking to see if it's possible to take the flash game score thing from (when you open its the bar that goes across with the games, autoupdates and jazz) and putting it into a widget? I am not sure how flash works, and if you could just use their exact one, but just checking cause I would love to be able to keep track on my desktop! We Canadians can't get enough hockey! Thanks, Gotcountry
  5. WB not working

    Hello, I recently switched from styleXP to windowsblinds, and for some reason none of the .wba files I upload off of deviantart or other sources seem to work. they load up in windows blinds, and show an example of what my desktop would look like, but it will not allow me to apply it to my computer. When I try it just goes to the very basic PC look. Also on a side note, does anyone know why my objectdock randomly bumps up a cm from the bottom (as though my windows bar popped up)? Because I minimized it, so it shouldn't really do that. It goes down whenever I left-click it, but it is still annoying. Thanks
  6. Resizing Icons in Folder

    awesome, works fine kinsemon, but the file folders within my folders are still the same size, they won't go any bigger, so the icons I change them to look small. Any way to fix this? And by file folders I mean like the "My Music" Icon within my documents. Thanks
  7. Resizing Icons in Folder

    Hey Kinsemon, thanks for the quick response. I tried changing the size of the icons in the display properties, but it only changed the size on my desktop, not in my folders. However thanks for the info on the fonts and how to get to tweakUI, much appreciated. And what is the purpose of editing the shell32.dll? If I change a .png to .ico will i not work as a folder icon? Going to give tweakui a shot!, and to SG-A310, yes i mean the preview images of the folder INSIDE the folder. (as in the My Documents, the "My Picutres, My Music" etc files are larger) Thanks again
  8. Resizing Icons in Folder

    Been searching through the forum for information on resizing icons in folders(to make them bigger), but have had little luck even though a few people have brought up the question. Some mention of TweakUI (but when I installed it I can't find it anywhere on my comp. not in control panel or applications), and also some mention of a shell32.dll (or something like that) which I have no clue on how to edit. If someone could give me some information on how to make the icons bigger it would be much appreciated. Also, is there a way to use .png's for icons in XP? When I change them with photoshop(i have a plugin), they come out not looking so great. Anyways, any advice would be awesome!
  9. Help finding the coolest icons I've ever seen?

    Was trying to get these icons as well, but when I joined HG, I wasn't able to view any of the forum even after I activated the account. Not sure if this is normal or what, but any help in getting these or into the forums so I can get them would be awesome! Thanks.
  10. Not Getting This Look

    Awesome, thanks for the links, found some interesting stuff. Are there any programs similar to coversutra for Windows? And is it possible to use the stack boxes by susumu with objectdock? Like when you click on it and the files pop out the top and then retract back in? Thanks again!
  11. Programs You Use To Make Wallpapers

    Interested in giving it a shot, so I just wanted to hear what programs everyone uses. Also, what are the best sizes to make them? Thanks!
  12. Not Getting This Look

    seems to me that the themes there aren't that great? maybe I'm looking in the wrong area. I'm looking for the themes like Leopard, tiger, Panther....etc, the ones on that site seem to be more random. Once again, I'm new to this so what I'm saying could be jibberish.
  13. Not Getting This Look

    ah, that was the problem! it was directed at a shell (whatever that means). But thanks, that definitely helped! I feel bad continuing to ask questions, but wheres a good place to get themes for StyleXP? Or is windowsblinds recommended more? Thanks Again, my desktop looks awesome thanks to you guys.
  14. Not Getting This Look

    Awesome! Thanks Bjorn! Figured I was missing a basic application. One more questions to whoever is willing to help. What is the recommended size for desklet icons (the HD ones, ect.), and also how do i get the drive information beside it (gigs used, left, etc.?) I tried using the label tab in desklet properties, and %0 to %9 didn't work, once i got to 10 and above it just showed 0 as they are referring to music info. Thanks again
  15. Not Getting This Look

    Hi, Semi new to this, but I was wondering how to get the files on the desktop to look like the image shown below (and showing the drive/file info), (oh and I realize how to get the actual "wonka icon")? Also, I have installed most of the programs, but I can't seem to get my folders to look mac'ish (like the image added), was wonderin what program is suppose to do this? The picture is just a cropped image of a desktop I found in these forums, just to point out what I am talking about. On side note, I'm not sure if this forum is dedicated to making PC's look like Mac's, customizing mac's, or running the mac OS on a PC. So if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm sorry. Just let me know.