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  1. Macworld '08 predictions

    I'd love to see a MacBook Tablet. I know there is already the ModBook, but Apple need there own official product for us Apple loving digital painters!... I'd love a Tablet mac I mean, using a normal Wacom desktop tablet at the moment and to be able to draw onto the screen of a mac would be awesome. A touch screen mac would pretty much suck I think Apple could come up with a really nice design... The ultra portable mac book pro would sell really good I think, probably a definite. The idea of having the external optical drive or what ever would be a little awkward in my opinion, but its been done before and proven decent, so yeah.. MacBook/Pro Ultra-Portable. I doubt the iPhone will be getting much of an update, nothing to the design as of yet. - Well 3G (pretty big I guess..) The iRack really needs a release this year, I saw a couple on eBay a while back and gee the price they were going for! I think there would be more iRacks sold then bread! 2008 Your all probably familiar with the concepts of the ultra-portable and everything, I really like some of those, ahh.. I'm really excited for this years macworld. C'mon Mr. Jobs! GIVE ME A MACBOOK TABLET
  2. Post Your Workstation

    Not really, when you compare it to the ps2 controller on the floor. I might post my setup sooner or later...
  3. Photoshop Tennis

    Awesome game. I'll watch this one, and hopefully there will be more going on which I can be included in? Looking great so far. I love it with the kong in there.
  4. Post Your Favorite Fonts

    Helvetica & Lucida Grande are pretty much the only fonts I use .. This is a good book to find out about all different fonts and how to use them.