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  1. Looking for anyone with a copy of the old BBX mercury theme in windowblinds if one is out at all!
  2. Need Fear Platinum

    Looking for anyone who still has the windowblinds version of Fear Platinum all links that I tried are long dead now. thnx
  3. February '08 Desktops

    Mine for now
  4. BricoPack Elements Suite

    Very nice work looks fantastic as allways! good job
  5. Pownce anyone?

    thnx bud!
  6. Pownce anyone?

    I would like one if there is any left looks like fun!
  7. August '07 Desktops

    full size here
  8. Cell Phone Service Provider Poll

    Same here Rogers Canada
  9. OSX Leopard Beta

    Yes it will if your just using msstyle themes but this is for Windowblinds so you can have it look like the real thing!
  10. OSX Leopard Beta

    Fantastic Job ! I love it:cool:
  11. Compact Menu for Firefox 2.0

    I will d/l that addon and take a boo to see if I can find it!
  12. Compact Menu for Firefox 2.0

    you can try the last compact menu build and just change the size of the icon to a small icon! To do this just use chrome edit plus extension and in the usserChrome.css just add this at the bottom /* Change Icon Size in Compact Menu - Firebird - bylas*/ #menu-button .toolbarbutton-icon { height: 5px !important; width: 5px !important;} now this is if you want it to look like a tiny dot. You could even go to the low end and go for one just remember were it is at! heh View it
  13. Link for Samurize CD Covers Try this one or his email
  14. Brushed steel with grape vine (on top). high speed cable Pro pack
  15. Brushed steel with grape vine (on top).

    Yes not to bad for an old guy! heh:)