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  1. AveDesk 1.3

    Mirror: http://ktamas.ideaweb.hu/AveDesk13.Zip
  2. Hi I've been looked over the net for a good tuturial to make osx buttons, especially rounded square ones, but i did not find what i wanted Anyway, I'm attaching a file, that is what i want to make somehow in photoshop (without the pink part, of course). Please help... Thanks, KTamas
  3. Avedesk 1.1 Bug Report

    Well, the new folder.dll crashes avedesk shortly...
  4. Avedesk 1.1 Bug Report

    I can only say that try to disable plugins one by one, and see when does the cpu usage goes down. I used avedesk 1.1 on my 600 mhz computer and i had no speed problems with a few shortcuts, a note and an ftp desklet. i only stopped it because of a bug i mentioned in this thread before (does anyone can help me??)
  5. Avedesk simply does not updates info in folder name (files, dirs, size, etc.) until i go to the caption settings or i restart avedesk. Why???
  6. [preview] Rk Dock

    I have only 1 request: to run it smoothly and fast on my 600mhz comp WITH magnification.
  7. Avedesk 1.1 Bug Report

    Avedesk does not updates the folder's files size, the file count and the dir count in the name of folder desklet when - for xample - i delete or move some files from that folder or copy a file into that folder. It only updates when i try to change caption. why?
  8. [release] Extended Systray Icon Pack

    i know it is a stupid question but which .dll should i reshack with these icons?
  9. Stefanka's English System Files

    OMG it's fantastic and sooooo wonderfull...thx my new windows, stefanka!
  10. [help] Apple's Itunes For Windows

    Okay, i hope u guys (and girls ) can help me. I reinstalled my Windows XP Pro, coz i've bought a new HDD, and wanted to install on it. But....after the uninstall, i got a big problem w/iTunes. If i've starting/minimizing/maximizing a program, the music starting to be...hmm..."flickered" (sry, this is the best word i think). But i didnt have this problem b4 WinReInstall. I've tryed everything, but the only solution is to make iTunes.exe priority high, but it makes my computer extremely slow. I have the same program before windows reinstall. My COmp: Via81P-based computer Pentium 3 600MHZ 256MB PC100 RAM (works well on 133mhz w/o problem) S3Savage 4 32mb Maxtor 40&80GB WinXP Pro SP1 and The latest drivers... HELP ME PLZ! KTamas Edit:okay, problem fixed...soz nm...
  11. Safari Clone

  12. [release] Ibarv3 Is Here

    Luv it, using rite now, i used iBarv2 b4...
  13. Aqua Blueish

    WOW, very nice
  14. [help] Apple's Itunes For Windows

    HELP ME! iTunes for Windows crash with Visual c++ debug error with some MP3 files....but it played b4 w/o any problems....HELP!