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  1. Safari For Windows Mods

    I know this topic is pretty much deprecated, however, I'm wondering if you would be kind enough to share the original Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard traffic lights (close/min/max) in PNG format? The one's I've dissected from the DLL file are trimmed on the right and left sides by 1px.
  2. Aqua Scrollbars

    I realize that this is coming almost an entire year after the last post. Apparently the aqua scrollbar gel-like effect is possible via a theme on a GTK 2.10+ Linux desktop setup. Can anyone shed any light on what coding method is being used to achieve this effect? UPDATE: of the effect in action. Since my opening post, I have abandoned the Vista project, and have moved on into Firefox 3.6 theming. Having said that, I think this effect is still possible. Firefox's rendering engine is easily customizable. XBL/XUL, CSS, and JavaScript codes are very powerful ways to completely alter the browser's appearance. I'm confident at least one of these methods could be used to recreate the effect.
  3. Aqua Scrollbars

    Yeah, I figured it was complicated. I remember looking at a skin/theme/app. one time with my resource editor, and finding an image that had the Aqua scrollbar as well as the texture (the part that doesn't move) as a seperate resource. If anyone is willing to share something similar to the texture, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone help me out by extracting Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's scrollbar images? Not sure if they are in TGA, PNG, BMP, JPG, or GIF formats. It doesn't matter what format they are in. I have seen tons of skins/themes out there for many different applications on Windows, and all of them seem to have the same flaw with the scrollbars. The "Aqua" effect, when you scroll, the circle-like texture inside the blue bar doesn't move when the scrollbar does. The reason I am requesting these resources is because I want to skin an application on Windows Vista with my resource editor, and it needs to be perfect. I know that this is possible, because previous versions of iTunes had them fully implemented. Thanks in advance.
  5. Safari For Windows Mods

    Thank you so much!! -Mason