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  1. Aqua Scrollbars

    In Linux/Gnome/Ubuntu GTK 2.x themes, this is achieved by overlaying an image with a semi-transparent middle/center on a static "wave" image. using the method/concept in firefox however is iffy, i think, to say the least.
  2. How To Change Shutdown Window Winxp

    iShut ChaosShut
  3. try this out. Use the sub-style without per pixel borders. You should have Aero shadows enabled...
  4. Object Bar Problem

    OB and Adobe reader/acrobat do not work well together. just include the app under OB's exclusions....
  5. So What Do You Guys Think?

    As above comment, change your fonts. Align desktop icons to right: drag all icons to right side, right-click on desktop> select "Align icosn"... reduce side angle of dock to maybe 36 degrees, and lower your icons... Use Global Menu for top bar
  6. [wip] Leopard Icons

  7. I think it is an application (Windowblinds) glitch, not a skin issue. Most probably skins having side borders several pixels thick (skins with per pixel shadows). When window is maximized, the button "hotspot" gets its position reference from the edge of screen, while the button image does not. Therefore, you'll have mouse hover and action several pixels to the right of the actual image. Not a big issue actually if you think about it. With 17/19/24 etc inch screens nowadays, together with lots of desktop eye candy (docks, bars, widgets, screenlets etc etc) who really bothers about maximized windows anyway If you really want to synchronize position of the image and mouse click response, you will have to move button images several pixels to the right, which would look lame...
  8. Can Someone Give Me Nexplorer 1.9?

    FindeXer Leopard click link near end of his comments for tutorial...
  9. Folder Menus

    @Ghost It is also KKmenu but different skin. check this out, by SkyJohn @x33333 3rd screenshot - several Stacks Docklets, one showing fan view, 2 showing grid view. The one in the middle showing child panes/tree view is KK menu skin by skyjohn. the small one with a lighter shade/background is Tasks Docklet...
  10. Flyakiteosx Windowblinds Skin

    HUH???!!! Did it ever occur to you to search? for starters type: LEOPARD WINDOWBLINDS or LEOPARD VISUAL STYLES. I assume you are more than 12 years old so you should know how, o_O
  11. Flyakiteosx Windowblinds Skin

    Steve Grenier's and Kol's skins ARE the 'official" Fllyakite themes. They are .mstyles versions however (as indicated in the installation options) Both of them made Windowblinds versions of the same skins Regarding Leopard, check out the release dates of Flyakite and the skins against the release date of Leopard...
  12. Flyakiteosx Windowblinds Skin

    If you just want to shift buttons to left side but retain Flyakite visual styles, etc...: Apple Min Max- Still beta though... Leftsider- (scroll towards bottom of page) True Transparency- you'll have to find 'mac/tiger' skins for this... If you really want Windowblinds, Kol's Tiger 2 WB Steve Grenier's Mac OS X Tiger for Windowblinds or my own XP Tiger WB (shameless plug xD )
  13. what application are you using? Styler toolbar? etc etc, or is that firefox???
  14. yeah, same here. just installed ubuntu 8.10 last mont after more than a year of runnung it from CD. It has now by choice my default OS )in quad-boot: ubuntu, vista ultimate sp1, xp home sp3, sp pro sp3). Just finished modding the GUI using latest Mac4Lin...
  15. Brushed metal msstyle

    or... even using default ff skin, still blank menus?