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  1. Foobar2000 Window Size

    Okaay.. too bad:(
  2. Hey dudes! I need some help with my foobar2000. I've downloaded and installed a skin that i tought was nice. But now i think that the Foobar window is to small, when I try to change the size of the window by pulling the corners i only get a black "background" but the "playlist window" itself is still the original small size.. anyone has a clue bout how i can change the size of my foobar window?
  3. VLC mod.

    I can't get to work.. the file that i downloaded is a .dmg file. So i think that this skin is only for mac users. If anyone has a idea bout how to get this to work i would appreciate if you would let me know. I downloaded the "skin" from here if that helps.
  4. VLC mod.

    Is there a way to get my vlc to look like this on windows?