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  1. Apple's Lack Of Updates Is Disappointing.

    I don't think, that they will ever put a camera into the iPod touch. But I am also missing some things like Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update and Safari 5. Just a few things, but I am missing more than this. :/ Edit: Okay, just read about the release of Safari 5. With extension support. Thank you Apple!
  2. Cairo Shell

    The version you posted is from April 5, 2010. Newest version is from the April 16, 2010. It can be found here ->
  3. Cairo Shell

    Have you tried it here? ->
  4. Charging More For Iphone Apps?

    I've even paid 15$ for an App, so if the App is worth it's price I would buy it for 5$. But I think most of the Apps in the Appstore are priced at 0,99$. Maybe you would like to make a special offer? First week it will cost 2$ and then 5$?
  5. How To Remove Mac Dock Separator?

    Do you have a screenshot of a Dock with no seperator?
  6. How To Remove Mac Dock Separator?

    They only made id transparent, nothing more. Maybe a 1px wide clear seperator will help?
  7. How To Remove Mac Dock Separator?

    On Mac OS X or another operating system? Mac OS X: It's not possible.
  8. Special Mac Symbols

    These should be in any character chart basically, since these are UTF-8 symbols. Maybe you can see them: ⇧⌃⌥⌘⎋
  9. Mac Screenshot

    Does this help?
  10. I Want Buy A Notebook,dell Or Hp ?

    Better don't get a DELL, had one for 3 years. Was broken very often. What's your budget? If you have $1000 I would really recommend to buy a MacBook. You won't have any problems with it!
  11. Good Bye! After three years of completely free file hosting, File2Go is closing the doors. Until now I've been completely self-funding this project, but File2Go needs to find a way to pay its bills before it can make a comeback. So I thank you for using this service and maybe I will bring File2Go back online some time. Yours Roman Schmerold, Administration & Development (Sorry for double posting)
  12. It has been a long time ago, that I posted here, but now I am back. Currently I am thinking about the future of File2Go. There hasn't been a update for about 6 months now, because I didn't had the time to update the page. So here are a few things about File2Go. What needs to be done? - Update of the design - Rewrite of some components - Recreation of the filetype icons I also need to find a way to earn some money with File2Go. So here are also some facts about it. Facts - 593 hosted files - about 50 registered Users - about 2 Uploads a day - about 1GiB traffic each month So what do YOU think I should change? What do you think I can improve? What do you think I should do? (I am also thinking about stopping the File2Go project or selling the code if someone is interested.)
  13. Need Resource Image

    I was trying to find it in the ressources, but I think it is live generated during runtime.
  14. Windows 7 Or Vista..?

    Windows 7 is much better than Vista. I mean, I am only running it in a virtual machine, because I've got a Mac, but it's really stable!
  15. Hm...

    DIfficult to read the thing with the "unicks coar"