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  1. '08 Desktops

  2. '08 Desktops

    Haven't posted in a while...
  3. Some Leopard Icons (for Shell32)

    I only found this one...
  4. iChat System Tray Icon

    I found them in Core Services, but they are in .pdf format....? MenuExtra!.pdf MenuExtra-.pdf MenuExtra.pdf
  5. March '08 Desktops

  6. Leopard's Looks.

    Dude... I know! When I saw the build with the new traffic lights, I was like ohhellno. That's FUGLY! But now... they are totally nice, and seeing the old, dull tiger ones, I'm like yea, go leopard! The Leopard look is sooo soo nice. I love it.
  7. iMac Questions! - Link Edition

    Apple seems to be introducing something every week since Macworld. Last week it was the Penryn Macbooks, and it looks like this week it is the iPhone SDK with the event being held on Thursday. I think it could happen next week, but I doubt it's going to be anything other than a speed/memory bump.
  8. March '08 Desktops

    Great SS. I love fall out boy. It's been a while, but here's mine.
  9. The world's thinnest notebook. Macbook Air.

    ITA! It's basically everything that I've wanted to say. I'm going to have to print that out and have it so the next time I hear a whiner I'll give them that and say good day.
  10. January '08 Desktops

    Thanks Yup, got it marked (on my Lost calender, btw....haha)
  11. January '08 Desktops

  12. Happy new year !

    Yea!!!! Happy Ny!!!!
  13. The default man icon

    System->Library->Core Services->CoreTypes.bundle I just converted them to .png's so the name of the image is how it appears on my mac.
  14. The default man icon

    Not 150x150, but yea...
  15. December '07 Desktops

    Hey, what version of Snapshooter are you using? I downloaded this one, but it just opens and closes on me (the icon appears in the dock then disappears.