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  1. The magic curtains

    Great Wallpaper, and Happy New Year.
  2. Signature

    I hope this helps Check this box If you are replying: Check this box if you are starting a thread:
  3. False registration submission
  4. '08 Desktops

  5. Icon World

    Reminds me of another site, yes the part, I'll join it, looks a little good, hopefully you wouldn't mind help from me, since I designed Studio GUI
  6. Logout button

    My Best job I've been quiet busy, so apologies for keeping you waiting too long
  7. Logout button

    Sure, I'll try to make a transparent version
  8. Last day of School - MAYHEM.

    Incredible. Today, we were supposed to watch for Tornadoes and we here these huge bangs that are supposed to be thunder. "I was swimming at the time so we ran home and there's this big purple bolt of lightning that was like a few yards away from us". I'm safe, because actually I came home before the rest of them when it became cloudy, but that was the story I got from my friend. Obviously "screaming and running blocks away" from school is normal for a last day here, we got out a week ago from yesterday.
  9. Logout button

    This is the best I could do
  10. [wallpaper] Aliens and Milky Way

    absolutely incredible, I like it. thanks
  11. How Old Are You?

    Well looks like me and you are the only (two of the many) youngest people on A-S
  12. Galaxy GUI

    Oh, I agree, That only version 3 is. Phpbb2 is better imo
  13. Galaxy GUI

    See, first I'd do free hosting to see if my site gets enough traffic, if goes well, NOW will be the time to get vBulletin, which I do not like as much as phpbb can come. I don't want to waist all that money for nothing to happen
  14. Starz Icons

    Have to agree, the resolution is irregular. Usually, people make icons range from 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512 It must be squared, ratio 1:1 (e.g: 123x123) to make it display correctly in a dock. Nice job btw
  15. Forum Issues vBulletin 3.7

    Phantom Lord, I do not have the New Post icon issue, even before it has been reported. Must be a computer bug, hope not. I haven't seen many tweaks/bugs yet, but I'll let ya'know when I find one.