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  1. Rainbow face in space

    CHRILLE MY (WO)MAN!!!! Props to you, isn't it a great wallpaper!
  2. Rainbow face in space

    cheers iGo but its not that...cheers anyway
  3. Post Your Workstation

    I second AirForceOnes request, that wallpaper is bad! (as in good)
  4. Rainbow face in space

    Unfortunately it's not that one. Its a black background with a multicoloured face on the left hand side in vetical stripes.....thanks for looking anyway!
  5. Rainbow face in space

    I remember seeing this wallpaper somewhere but cant remmeber where, ive just deleted it by accident anyone know where it's from? Cheers
  6. Earthquake hits England

    £10 million is the esitmated cost, I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T NOTICE IT!!!!
  7. Grey or Gray?

    Grey is for the colour, gray for names... good thread haha
  8. Why is Apple hardware so expensive?!

    This thread was very entertaining to read, i'll give my opinion...I think steve just wants to catch up with bill's earnings before he lowers his prices and retires...
  9. Macworld 08

    I heard someone talking about a MacBook Pro Air?!?!?!? Don't know if its true or what...
  10. Cd Cover DROP POCKET

    cool thanks
  11. XP not recognising some file types (avi, psd)

    Yeah checked there....oh well, might just have to live with it for a week or so until I get round to buying a macbook
  12. XP not recognising some file types (avi, psd)

    I figured out how to do it in VLC (had to reinstall, then assign...shame its not in prefs) but can't find it in Photoshop....maybe ill ahve to reinstall aswell
  13. XP not recognising some file types (avi, psd)

    That has worked with the .avi, but only opening it (the icon shows quicktime for some reson but im using VLC) however my .psd's are still asking if windows can search for program or for me to wont save my choice or show the right icon... any ideas?
  14. My God. I've had so many problems this week wihtm y computer you wouldn't beleive! This time my sound isn't working AT ALL! And i don't have a clue what to do... Tried: Volume Control, Updating Sound Card Drivers, Device Conflicts, Default device etc Don't know what to do now....anyone? Thanks, Josh (XP SP2) {{UPDATE}} The problem was a conflict between my brothers and my ipods using, (something i'll tell them) they were conflicting or something.....
  15. XP not recognising some file types (avi, psd)

    the new user does have adim priveledges,by default programs do you mean "Set program access and defaults"? because i cant do anything from there...(in terms of file ext's)