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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Good to see the board's still running
  2. [Discussion] Best tweaking software....?

    X-Setup, definitely. It has a lot of plugins available and can be used for any Windows version (you can just turn the plugins that don't suit your current win ver off so the don't even show in the list). Also it's able to tweak another local users' regisrty, and that is very handy sometimes (if I'm not mistaken it's even able to load another computer's registry, but I didn't try it out). Or how about "record mode"? - just tweak what you want and X-Setup will 'record' your actions in the .reg file which can be used next time you'll reinstall Windows or on another computer to save your time.
  3. [release] Windows Media Player X 9.0

    It works just fine with WMP 10.
  4. [preview] Various icons from OS X

    Like, fer sure
  5. [wip]SoftAqua Opera skin

    Dammit, that's sad.
  6. [release] FlyakiteOSX v1.0

    Thank you, Chris. Pack's just great.
  7. [wip]SoftAqua Opera skin

    Any news on the skin?
  8. Multiple Format Video Player

    Crystal Player rules
  9. I use RSS plugin for Miranda. Duh
  10. [preview] FlyakiteOSX v1.0

    Thanks for the info
  11. [preview] FlyakiteOSX v1.0

    Idea's good, though it's pretty hard for me to imagine the automated system files patching process with ResPatchers. Anyway, I can make a russian translation if it's needed
  12. Where to get Aqua Cursors?

    Poland - Russia: 0 - 1
  13. [release] GmailFS PantherMod

    The link's dead
  14. Get rid of Firefox and use Opera