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  1. Setting the correct location for weather desklets

    Hmm I think I have the latest version, not sure. msxml 4 is the latest right?? I seen a download for msxml 6 is that the right one??
  2. Setting the correct location for weather desklets

    Hmm is something corrupted with my sysstats or avedesk. I don't really want to use Yahoo widgets.
  3. Setting the correct location for weather desklets

    sure my zip code is 48035. Clinton Twp, Michigan
  4. Setting the correct location for weather desklets

    Yea tried that as well still a no go.
  5. I have tried Lucid weather, Mini weather, Milk weather, Nice weather, but everytime I try to use them it does not give me my weather for my city. I try to type in my zip code and when I do it comes back with a "fail to retrieve location id" and it is pissing me off. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening.?? Am I missing files or something. Please help
  6. Lucid weather

    Man still nothing, all my other sysstats widgets work fine but just the weather ones will not work. Could it be my browser settings or something?? Dude I am clueless,
  7. Lucid weather

    Yea tried that it still does nothing for me. My zip is a 5digit number when I go to copy and paste the url in the config, then I hit ok, ok then update and still no weather.
  8. Lucid weather

    No i am not familiar with recoding
  9. Lucid weather

    Is there something I can do?? I can't see me not being able to use the weather.
  10. Lucid weather

    I am new here and hope this is the right section. I downloaded lucid weather and cannot get it to show anything what am i doing wrong?? I tried to enter my zip code and everything but nothing seems to work. It will not display and sort of temp or anything. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. Need help badly