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  1. Pidlshortcuts Disappear With "show Desktop"

    I'm getting this error too, I'm using Windows 7 x64 with compatibility mode enabled for Avedesk 1.3. When I use Always Bottom mode the icons disappear when I click show desktop and when I use Desktop Icon mode the icon disappears all together. Any ideas?
  2. Mac OS X screensavers

    i guess the screensaver needs a lot of juice to run hence the louder fan on your card.
  3. calender desklet problem

    I'm using 1.3, and it doesn't work.
  4. Mac OS X screensavers

    for those who can't get these opengl screensavers to run smoothly, try renaming Flurry.scr to Flurry.sCr. Some drivers are written to not put power into opengl screensavers so renaming the extension fools it.
  5. calender desklet problem

    It happens to me too so I think it's a bug.
  6. Glow and PidlFix

    I use the Glow effect that came with Avedesk on most of my shortcuts, however some of them have redrawing problems which makes me have to use PidlFix on them instead of glow. I want to combine the two but the glow.effectlet and glow2.effectlet that came with my Avedesk 1.3 don't work, and since the glow effect is coded, I'm left with nothing left to do. Anyway on combining the two or making the glow1 and glow2 effectlets work?