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  1. Xwdock - General Discussion

    @Bobah: Great release, really. And great work. Your skills are amazin. Is the dock for general use? Not really. I'm still missing very basic features like magnification, hiding/showing animations and delay settings for all that thinks, like XWD 5.6 it has. I'm using XWD 5.6 now for a very long time, it's very usefull for everyday use. Why don't you implement such basic things first and do then all the other stuff like blinki blinki expose features?
  2. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Well, and if the new version is ready and fine, I thin he'll put it on that page
  3. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Just look here
  4. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Will magnification be included?
  5. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Thanks bro, though that the new version is already out
  6. Xwdock - General Discussion

    I can't find any download link for the new version. Only found a link for 2.0.2 (24.05.10).
  7. Announcement: Xwindows Dock

    Amazing work Bobah, you are doing really good work with your dock, I'm very proud. Well, do you think you really could integrade XWD into windows shell, like you said?
  8. AveTool - coming soon (I hope)

    Need a running download of avetool or Stickies standalone desklet which is mentioned in first post. Could someone help me?
  9. Add Reply Sticky Notes Standalone

    Well, does not look really like the Mac one Another help is really appreciated
  10. Add Reply Sticky Notes Standalone

    Thanks, but I've heard there is a desklet made bye AVE and he made a standalone desklet of it too, which does not require AVEdesk running in the background. This is what I'm searching for. plz help I searching for something like this: Do not double post - mps69
  11. Hey everbody, I need a standalone Sticky Notes programe, like Mac it has. Is there something out there?
  12. Sticky Notes Standalone

    Hey everbody, I need a standalone Sticky Notes programe, like Mac it has. Is there something out there?
  13. Xwd - The Off-topic Thread

    Are there any furchter updates planned or is this projekt dead?
  14. Bug Report Center For V5.6

    If I set the stacks view to list and hide the panel within 1 second, the Panel hides and I loose focus of the "list stack".
  15. Feature Requests For V5.6

    I've another feature request: Well, you can change the icons of your panel items, aswell for the trashcan. But you can't change the two trash states. E.g.: I wanto the ability to set the "normal" trash icon and the "full trashcan" item with editing a paneliten. I hope you understand my request ^^