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  1. '09 Desktops

  2. Fish

  3. Fish

    I'm looking for this wallpaper: I've already contacted the poster but he didn't answer so far...
  4. Shorten folder names

    I've just found out the reason: I remembered that I installed east asian fonts in the control panel a few days ago. I just uninstalled them and everything is fine now.
  5. Shorten folder names

    It's Windows XP.
  6. Shorten folder names

    This does not help. For example when I rename the "Tutorials" folder to "Tu", it gets "T..."
  7. Since lately some of my folder names are shorten: How can I fix this? I've already re-installed the font (Calibri) but it didn't help.
  8. X-Mas Wallpaper

    Thanks a lot!
  9. X-Mas Wallpaper

    @matonga: Thanks, but I'm hoping that someone got a link to the original wall because I need it in a higher resolution.
  10. '09 Desktops

  11. X-Mas Wallpaper

    Someone should put a NSFW warning in the title, I forgot it, sorry...
  12. '08 Desktops

  13. X-Mas Wallpaper

    I need this wallpaper please. I asked the deviantart-guy but he doesn't answer...
  14. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    I asked it before but how can I change the folder and trash icon? I just found this: Can someone please explain me detailed how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  15. XWindows Dock v5.2.3

    Could you please share your skin / indicators? Thanks in advance...