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  1. Is there a feed reader widget like this?

    I see, ok thank you guys for the info. I'm going to check'em out.
  2. Hi all, sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I'm just wondering, is there an AveDesk widget that can store / display the data from more than 1 RSS feed? Or possibly an OPML file? Would appreciate the answer.
  3. Beta 2 of Side Apps

    Well I would really appreciate the to do list. I don't know exactly what features have been planned for it, but it would definitely be awesome if one could select a due date and time for each task, and some sort of an alarm would be triggered at the selected time. The 8-ball would also be great. =)
  4. AveScripter feature request thread

    Ah perfect! Thanks a lot, this opens a whole bunch of new doors. =D And quite obviously you have a great brain.
  5. AveScripter feature request thread

    Well, how do you load flash in a desklet?
  6. AveScripter feature request thread

    Ehm... how about some mini games? =)
  7. Is Avedesk still being developed?

    Oh come on! Please don't let something as cool as this just fade away! =)
  8. [rel] Aveiconbook

    Thanks a bunch Laertis, just downloaded. =)
  9. Star Charts Widget

    Hey all, I was wondering if it would be possible to have something like the Mac "Starry Night" widget for Avedesk. It's an astronomy widget that uses the data from starry night website to display the star configs [or the position of sun] for any location on the globe. Sorry if it already exists and I couldn't find it, please let me know if that's the case. =)
  10. [rel] Aveiconbook

    Hey, thanks for trying to make it available to us, but the file has already been deleted from that server!
  11. [rel] Aveiconbook

    Hey all, somehow I don't seem to be able to find a single living link to download the IconBook. Does anyone know where I can get this?
  12. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: Word Searcher says "word not found", regardless of what I type in. Apparently I'm not the only one with the problem, however it's not been reported in this thread yet. Sorry if it's a double. Items involved: Word Searcher Windows Version: Win XP Pro SP2 DirectX version: 9.0c System specs: Pentium M 2.66ghz, 1GB of DDR2 RAM Graphics card & drivers version: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900, Desklets running: Wireless Info, Another Clock, Battery Info, Calculator, Calendar, FTP [x2], IconDrop, AveTunes, PidlShortcut [x2], Picture Viewer, Puzzle, RSS Feed [x4], Sticky Notes [x4], Translator, Weather, WidgetDock ... hmm, hope I'm not forgetting anything. Steps to reproduce: Well I don't quite know what to say! The word searcher has always had this problem, regardless of what desklets I've been using. [ AveDesk 1.3 & 2 both] Special notes: I have a separate problem with AveDesk 2. This is the bug report thread for 1.3. So please ignore this if you like. "Ave Toggle" and "G Toggle Visibility" stopped working every since I installed version 2.0. They just cause the app to crash.