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  1. Which executable?.. Edit: Oh, i think you mean explorer.exe right? Ok, then I'm going to work to hack the Windows File Protection... Thanks!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to change the text "All programs" in my start menu? anynthing to modify at the registry maybe? in the picture you can see the text I want to change, not the font, just the text Thanks! Pardu.-
  3. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: After making changes to the recycle bin (or my pc) label and sublabel such as font, size and the text (e.g. recycle bin -> Trash, name change). Whenever I reboot changes on the labels of this two are lost. This only happens with recycle bin and my pc PIDLs. Items involved: PIDL shortcut to My PC And The Recycle Bin Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP2 DirectX version: 9.0c System specs:Pentium 4 2.66ghz, 512mb of DDR RAM Graphics card & drivers version: Xfx Nvidia Ge-force 5200, updated drivers Desklets running: just PIDL Steps to reproduce: Just create a PIDL My pc or recylce bin desklet and change it's name, font ad size, then reboot, changes are lost.