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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Cricket, cricket. Nice to see familiar names. Good times, the days before Facebook and smartphones. Pretty sure I have one or two of you on there, especially if you were over at OCN as well. And, similarly, re-reading my teenage-self's posts make me want to gouge my eyes out. I stumble upon it whenever I accidentally click it in my "Forums" bookmark folder, lol. First time though without the famous theme. When did that happen? 
  2. Post Your Workstation

  3. Grey or Gray?

    How do you spell it? Both are accepted according to my English professor. I spell it usually "G R A Y".
  4. Firefox 3 Released

    Run and grab it!
  5. Keeping Your PC Healthy - Manifest

    This thread is for people to share tips and methods on keeping your computer (PC, Mac, Commodore, etc) healthy and in excellent working order. Here are some things I do to keep my computers in nice health, and have performance optimized. Windows: Defragment your hard drive Regularly. This helps things running smoothly and fast. It also clears up space, and organizes files on your hard drive. (Notice difference that the pathnames and directories are not affected.) Disk Cleanup regularly. This frees up a lot of space. Doing this once a week could help your PC run faster and easier, and clearing up your PC's sinuses as it does so. Have a good AV piece of software. I personally recommend avast! AntiVirus. Having a good AntiVirus program helps keep your PC protected and secured. Also remember, that common sense on the internet helps. Keep junk programs to a minimum. You know what this is, keeping those ugly ads, Toolbars-for-, offers, and programs you don't use off your computer. This helps your PC run fast and smooth, also freeing up unnecessarily used space, and keeps your registry clean as well. Keep start-up items to a low. Keep things that aren't absolutely needed out of the startup folder, or things that you can just run after bootup when the computer has had a chance to get a steady breath going. Having a lot of startup items has proven to slow down a computer tremendously, and even have the machine come to a screeching halt when it comes time to press the power button. Background programs. Having loads of things running in the background (ex, things in your taskbar) or having things run idle seriously robs your system of resources and your processor's speed. Keep these things low. Done using an app? Exit, don't let it run in the background. A common example is LimeWire. When done using it, exit. It helps. Stay up to date. Yes we know that one of Windows' many infamies are the Updates put out for it by Microsoft. But remember that they are there for a reason. Keep up to date to get the most secure and optimum performance out of your PC. Let's hear what else you do to keep your PC working the way you want it to.
  6. =Tech9= Call of Duty 4

    For all those who play Call of Duty 4 on the PC. We, =Tech9= are a squad that plays CoD4 Hardcore. We have our own game server, which runs Hardcore, all maps, with an unlimited score limit with 20 minutes to each map. We are about a week old, and already we have 12 members. Compared to others, we're taking off fast. Right now, the three admins (co-founders, next to me), MM3 (me), Dan (gimpomatic), and Killa (non-aquasoft-registrant) are now expanding to try to get more people to play and more recruits. So, if you do play, come check us out in our server. We got teamspeak and GSC as well. Check the banners below for info. GameTracker Clan Page (about 30 seconds old ) You can visit us on Teamspeak = is the address Add us to your favorites on CoD4 as well! OR
  7. New Skin, I'm Scared!

    LOL, really? Thought this *was* the new skin. Damn... Old Times >_>
  8. The Switch Back To Ipb

    Epic skin, holy hell. Haven't been here in a few months, and I come back to see my mind blown away, haha! I remember when the "new" skin was when Leopard was still being rumoured around, and we went from Aqua to Leopard. Damn, good days. EDIT: Lost my avatar D:
  9. [newsimg][/newsimg]As promised, Acer on Wednesday launched a radical overhaul of its Aspire notebook line targeted at the high-end notebook market normally occupied by companies such as Apple and Sony. Nicknamed the Gemstone Blue, the new design centers around a deluxe media console known as the CineDash: the touch-sensitive control lets users navigate music, videos, and menus without having to resort to the trackpad. Each system also sports a unique "weave" finish and an advanced speaker system that generates virtual Dolby 5.1-channel surround, including a 10-watt subwoofer. The two systems being released today are also the first notebooks anywhere to ship with a true 16:9 ratio display. Both the 16-inch Aspire 6920 and 18.4-inch Aspire 8920G can output at the same 1080p (1920x1080) resolution of Blu-ray or an HDTV tuner (options on both models) and are fast enough at 8ms to avoid the ghosting artifacts that surface on many notebook LCDs. Their color gamuts are also a full third richer than conventional notebooks, Acer claims. The Aspire 6920 has the option of a less costly 720p (1366x768) display. We just got a peek at these two new systems in person at a press event in New York, and while they're not going to be game-changers, there are a few highlights worth noting. Outside of screen differences, the systems are primarily separated by graphics and storage. The simpler 6920 is driven by NVIDIA's next-generation GeForce 9500M GS, while the larger 8920G steps up to a GeForce 9650 GS. Storage runs up to 320GB on the 16-inch system but can be doubled to 640GB on the larger model courtesy of a second hard drive bay. Either system comes with HDMI video output as standard, though only the 8920G has a VoIP phone that allows it to more naturally place calls through Skype or other services. Intel Penryn-class CPUs and Nvidia's GeForce 9500 or 9650 GPUs are standard, and Acer claims its new displays are brighter, with better color range, than the previous Aspire models. Despite the high-profile launch, Acer has not said which Core 2 Duo processors it will use or when it expects the new Aspires to ship, though past comments by the company have priced the systems between $1,900 and $2,200 and would have both ship in the spring. The most interesting part was the unique capacitive touch media controls. Instead of running a simple line of media buttons along the top of the keyboard (even budget laptops such as the Dell 1525 have capacitive touch-sensitive controls these days), the media controls are boxed off to the left of the keyboard in a panel called the CineDash Media Console. It's the same general concept, but the high-tech layout makes it stand out--you get a volume circle, basic play/pause/transport controls, and a few other media player keys. Look for these two new systems to hit retailers some time in April, starting at $900 and going up to around $1,700. Source: Electronista, CNET
  10. 10 Years of the iMac -- Thanks Apple!!

    Tens year ago today, the original Bondi blue iMac went on sale. In more ways than one, it marked the rebirth of Apple into the one we know today and the dawn of the Jobs + Ive era. Not a bad legacy. So, Aqua-Soft, what was your favorite design -- all performance aside, considering the relevance of time+bad-specs-by-today's-standards. Personally, I love the Aluminum iMac. The older white iMac design was good, as well.
  11. Make Me a Logo!

    Well, here goes. I have been successful in making a server from scratch. Works fine and dandy, and I've come across the name "cloverfield". I liked the movie, yes, but something else fits there. I like the fact that it sounds very... code named. I also like that it also fits the same circumstances as the movie, like "no one knew where it came from" because I just absorb spare parts like a sponge. So this is what I ask of someone with good graphics skills. I need a logo for my server. One that somewhat implies the movie into the design, and makes it somewhat geekish. Anyone care to take a stab at it? Oh, and thanks to my sincere friend who is also my co-runner of my site (thanks, Dan ),, he designed me this for my SSH login text: (stand back if you can't see it)
  12. O hai, look who's still alive. God help us? Source:
  13. Psystar Sues Apple. ... You Read That Right.

    You celebreate Christmas? (couldn't resist... <3) Oh, and btw, Rangers are going to suck this season. So don't rub it in, kay?
  14. '09 Desktops

    "You last visited 2 months ago, June 2nd at 4:32AM" Time for a little welcome parade? *hopes the image resizer is still there from vB* Wallpaper explanation: My rig, obviously. E8400 @ 4.05GHz (1800MHz FSB, 1.24v), 4GB PC6400 @ 4-4-4-12 2.1v OCZ, GTS 250 @ 820MHz Core, stock shaders. That'll give you a little impression of the horsepower.
  15. Post Your Workstation

    Enter teh secks! Here's the set: Workstation Ides of May 2009 - a set on Flickr
  16. Post Your Workstation

    You wouldn't be a member of OCN, would you illidan? Those pics are so familiar. Edit: I found you .
  17. Grey or Gray?

    I also know that in the UK, a lot of words with "c" are replaced by "s". For example: Defence vs. Defense
  18. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    Meme fail.
  19. Grey or Gray?

    Holy bump batman!
  20. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    Any time.
  21. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    LOL On a more srsly note... two servers, two laptops, my main desktop rig, my grandfather's box, my uncle's box, and 9 spare oldish machines... 2+2+1+1+1+9 = 16 woo.
  22. Post Your Workstation

    Well, it's time to hijack this thread again, eh? Orion, my sig rig ( -- see signature) A wide-ish shot: Off to the left a little, showing my -DmG- server in that Antec: Off to the right a little, showing everything else: Look hard... harder... harder! It's my LAN server, that handles DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SQL, etc Now for the tower of... storaged junk. looking in from the door towards my rig's cart: enjoy the pr0ns! Flickr set:
  23. Conficker?

    Nice edit kaws.
  24. Post Your Workstation

    Secks. Preview. And in case you miss the specifications; == Polaris == (server -- underneath subwoofer) 2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM Phoenix775 Motherboard 3.2GHz Pentium 4 HyperThreaded CPU 2x 200GB SATAII 3Gbps HDD 7,200RPM 1x 80GB EIDE 100MB/s HDD 7,200RPM 1x 20GB EIDE WD BigFoot 5.25&quot; 5,400RPM Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition == Ares == (laptop) Dell Inspiron 1501 1GB DDR2 667MHz RAM AMD Turion64 X2 Dual Core 2.1GHz 160GB 5,400RPM SATAII 3Gbps HDD 15.4&quot; 1280x800 glossy display &quot;hence the blinding light&quot; DVD Burner/Reader Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit Connects to Orion's keyboard and mouse via Synergy. == Orion == (Gaming rig) BIOSTAR 760i SLI Motherboard 6GB DDR2 800MHz RAM -- 2x 2GB OCZ + 2x 1GB Crucial || Overclocked to 1066MHz Intel Pentium D Dual-Core 3GHz overclocked --&gt; 3.5GHz @ 978MHz FSB Sparkle nVidia GTS 250 OC+ (766MHz Core, 1134MHz x2 Memory clock) PCI-express 2.0 160GB SATAII 3Gbps HDD. (Why such a low space? See my server :]) Gigabit Ethernet 7.1 Surround Sound 17&quot; ViewSonic G-series 1600x1200 (running at 1280x1024) + 15&quot; HP vs15 @ 1024x768 -- Dual monitors help. Game on the viewsonic, Teamspeak and Xfire on the second.