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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Cricket, cricket. Nice to see familiar names. Good times, the days before Facebook and smartphones. Pretty sure I have one or two of you on there, especially if you were over at OCN as well. And, similarly, re-reading my teenage-self's posts make me want to gouge my eyes out. I stumble upon it whenever I accidentally click it in my "Forums" bookmark folder, lol. First time though without the famous theme. When did that happen? 
  2. New Skin, I'm Scared!

    LOL, really? Thought this *was* the new skin. Damn... Old Times >_>
  3. The Switch Back To Ipb

    Epic skin, holy hell. Haven't been here in a few months, and I come back to see my mind blown away, haha! I remember when the "new" skin was when Leopard was still being rumoured around, and we went from Aqua to Leopard. Damn, good days. EDIT: Lost my avatar D:
  4. Psystar Sues Apple. ... You Read That Right.

    You celebreate Christmas? (couldn't resist... <3) Oh, and btw, Rangers are going to suck this season. So don't rub it in, kay?
  5. O hai, look who's still alive. God help us? Source:
  6. '09 Desktops

    "You last visited 2 months ago, June 2nd at 4:32AM" Time for a little welcome parade? *hopes the image resizer is still there from vB* Wallpaper explanation: My rig, obviously. E8400 @ 4.05GHz (1800MHz FSB, 1.24v), 4GB PC6400 @ 4-4-4-12 2.1v OCZ, GTS 250 @ 820MHz Core, stock shaders. That'll give you a little impression of the horsepower.
  7. Post Your Workstation

    Enter teh secks! Here's the set: Workstation Ides of May 2009 - a set on Flickr
  8. Post Your Workstation

    You wouldn't be a member of OCN, would you illidan? Those pics are so familiar. Edit: I found you .
  9. Grey or Gray?

    I also know that in the UK, a lot of words with "c" are replaced by "s". For example: Defence vs. Defense
  10. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    Meme fail.
  11. Grey or Gray?

    Holy bump batman!
  12. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    Any time.
  13. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    LOL On a more srsly note... two servers, two laptops, my main desktop rig, my grandfather's box, my uncle's box, and 9 spare oldish machines... 2+2+1+1+1+9 = 16 woo.
  14. Post Your Workstation

    Well, it's time to hijack this thread again, eh? Orion, my sig rig ( -- see signature) A wide-ish shot: Off to the left a little, showing my -DmG- server in that Antec: Off to the right a little, showing everything else: Look hard... harder... harder! It's my LAN server, that handles DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SQL, etc Now for the tower of... storaged junk. looking in from the door towards my rig's cart: enjoy the pr0ns! Flickr set: