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  1. What Is Your Favorite Movie?

    All of the Bogart movies especially Casablanca.
  2. I Want Buy A Notebook,dell Or Hp ?

    It helps to know how you'll use it... what applications you're going to run. I suggest an HP overall.
  3. Help With Ipod Touch

    I think you're being a little too impatient. Leave it plugged in for a while and see if things change. When you take the battery all the way down instead of recharging when it gives you a warning it needs to charge for a while to even show that it's charging let alone turn on.
  4. Windows 7 Or Vista..?

    From all that I've read, it seems like: If you have xp... stay put. If you have vista... go 7.
  5. How Active Is This Site?

    I emulated. I joined. I switched. I monitor. I'm very appreciative for all of this sites help in my emulation endeavors. I actually got an HP laptop to look and act just like a Mac. Unfortunately, the resource hit was tremendous. Once I switched there's no need to emulate anymore but I feel an allegiance to this sight that got me started. -GDF
  6. Iphone Question!

    You can buy the phone without the AT&T contract but not at that price. The $99 and $199 become $299 and $499...............
  7. Good Place To Find Unique Wallpaper 1920*1200

    You might try googling Wallpaper 1920 x 1200 and see what you can find. When I tried the results were in your favor. -GDF
  8. New A Good Cooling Fan For My Laptop

    I purchased the Belkin Cooling Stand for my MacBook and it works quite well. I'm not sure how well it would work with a large 17" notebook. Best Buy has this discounted to $20 frequently. -GDF
  9. Ipod Touch/iphone Os 3.0 Software Update

    They're letting the line get a little longer........
  10. Apple Releases Safari 4

    A+ No more reading small tabs and constant refreshing. My son showed me a preview during beta but I waited for the release. Sweet!!
  11. [info] Settling Into Mac Os X

    Amazing how this thread keeps resurrecting. Makes me want to switch again.
  12. How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

    Me: 2 MacBooks, 1 hp notebook Wife: 1 ibm thinkbook (company issued) Daughter: 1 PowerBook Son 1 PowerBook, 1 MacBook Pro The House: 1 Mac Mini, 2 sony desktops 10
  13. [leopard] how to..

    I'm a little lost on the sidebar thing but to fix or change the icon you were on the right track. Goto the Get Info window, click the current icon (it then puts a blue box around it) and then simply drag a new one over the top of it and let go. Changed. -GDF
  14. Changing The Default Hd.

    Isn't the default drive the one with the OS installed on it?
  15. Installing Mac Os 10.4

    All that I can think of is a suggestion to try and run the .dmg file from an external drive instead.