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  1. This Aqua Wallpaper

    Great site, thanks for the link.
  2. Mac OS tiger Finder bar for objectbar

    Use search feature!
  3. [Release] MacClock by Landvermesser

    Definetely the best mac emulation clock, keep up your great work!
  4. Brushed steel with grape vine (on top).

    Nice wallpaper, thanks.
  5. Cold GUI Update

    I know, I don't see anything either.
  6. Mac OS tiger Finder bar for objectbar

    Tiger Theme for ObjectBar.
  7. [release] Small Black Icons Set1

    I want them too, any link?
  8. Changing Control Panel Icons

    Stardock IconPackager.
  9. All working links of all OSX wallpapers

    Mac OS X Tiger Wallpapers.
  10. Windows Live Messenger Skins

    Thanks Kiddy, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Removing these icons from the start menu

    Browse to the taskbar area, choose the right pane & set the left content margin on -27.
  12. Removing these icons from the start menu

    You either need to download another skin, or edit your current one in SkinStudio-
  13. What are you thankful for?

    The sun, the water and health.
  14. Changing stubborn preview icons

    Control Panel > Folder Options > Tab: File Types > Scroll for the extension you are looking for (JPEG, GIF, etc) > Advanced Options > Change Icon.
  15. Nintendo DS Lite Icons

    Thank you very much.