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  1. Digsby IM Client

    Oh and this also supports some AdiumX message styles =]
  2. Digsby IM Client

    I see what you mean... but it isn't up to me =P lol maybe post on the site or something
  3. Digsby IM Client

    No, it is not currently open source, and I am pretty sure they have no plan for this. They are however working on making OS X and Linux compatible versions for this.
  4. Digsby IM Client

    I haven't had any memory usage issues... but I also have 3Gb of RAM =P so I'm not really sure. I'm sure somebody has information on this. Also if you want a specific type of skin e-mail me with what you would like it to look like and I will try my best.
  5. Digsby IM Client

    If you put the new icons and stuff in the folder with yout custom skin, the update shouldn't delete them.
  6. Digsby IM Client

    I stumbled across a really nice IM client called Digsby! I didn't see any other posts on here about it so it hought I'd write one =] Digsby is a Windows IM Client (coming to linux and OS X soon!) It supports a lot of clients like : -AIM -MSN -Yahoo! -ICQ -GoogleTalk -Jabber -E-Mail -Myspace Alerts -Facebook Alerts -Twitter Alerts More clients are also in development and coming in the future hopefully like: -XFire -Skype -and more! The application is very customizable. The contact list, and messaging box can both be skinned and they have themes very similar to IEView themes built in! It isn't as skinnable as Miranda, but it is still a young application and I am looking forward to see more development. It supports Aliasing, Grouping by Status, Listing by Status, Buddy Merging, and iTunes support. Please try the this great application out! It also features a pop up window that when your are working in a different application such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, and you receive a message a pop up is displayed that shows the text of the message, and even has a box that you can reply in without leaving your current window, which is also easily skinned!
  7. Theme Devleoping Help

    links? and i have skin studio...i dont like it
  8. Theme Devleoping Help

    hi me and my friend were thinking of developing a Windows Media PLayer skin and a WnidowBlinds skin and were wondering what software we should use...
  9. MTF Skin for Miranda IM

    how do u appl the psd file so it shows up in Miranda? nvm about that question..lol but you should definately develop a window blinds skin like that!
  10. Miranda Muku IEView

    -Miranda IM Muku IEView theme -First Release -Requires Latest IEView and IE 6 (NOT 7!!!)
  11. Mac OS X Tiger Theme for Objectbar

    I have a theme that i think truly emulates Tigers it even changes the "finder " text depeding on what app ur in ...i dont know the link but i have the file if u want it PM me with ur email and ill attach it and send u it...
  12. need old version of firefox!

    if u want to use Safire on 2.0 just download the Nightly Extension...
  13. Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

    when is the update gonna come out for the new itunes 7.2?
  14. how to hide the menu in firefox : file, edit, view

    oh and OSX-e has an articl on firefox to Safari http://www.osx-e.com/articles/a_safarifox_guide.html
  15. how to hide the menu in firefox : file, edit, view

    or u could download Nightly http://users.blueprintit.co.uk/~dave/web/firefox/nightly just when u install the plugin ichoose to install it with Nightly