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  1. Trash Icon

    Does anyone know where can I find this trash icon please? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me out about this two icons please? Thanks!
  3. CD Case Tower

    Holly S"#$"#%! Thanks! More that i could ask
  4. CD Case Tower

    Hi, Does anyone have an icon/image for a CD Case Tower (like the one iTunes shows when installing) ? Thanks!
  5. these icons

    wow! I want that egg/bacon icon too!
  6. Sony Ericsson K530i (Black)

    Hi, Hope you like them
  7. Huge icon requests

    thank you very much for your help so far!
  8. Huge icon requests

    Hi all, I know is huge. Can someone help me out with any of these cute icons please? Thanks!
  9. convert to png

    Hi, Could someone please convert this icns mac icons into png's? I already tried to extract them but the icns files are corrupted. Thanks in advance!
  10. to png

    Yes great!!! Thank U very much! You guys are the best!
  11. to png

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me out cutting this images and meka the pgn with no backgroud, I know this is something easy to do, but I'm a mess with design. thanks!
  12. Someone have these icons?

    One of the last ones...
  13. Some icons

    wow! thanks everyone for your quick reply!